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you have to have a bachelor degree in physics Biology,and ipc

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what is the education to become a forensic pathologist what is the education to become a forensic pathologist

You can become a detective if you major in Forensic Science because the study of Forensic Science involves gathering and examining information just like detectives.

forensic scientist, you could (with a few extra years of tertiary education) become a school teacher or even take your degree to a pHd level and become a professor

The nearest place I can find would be Lincoln, NE, but you would need training in forensic science or criminal science.

To become a Librarian 16 year of Education with specialization in Library Science is Require but some institutes require only 14 year of Education with a Library Science Diploma.

you need a Mastewr's Degree in anthropology to become a forensic psychologist

AnswerDegrees· Criminalistics· Chemistry· Biology· Physics· Forensic Science

The degree you need to be a forensic scientist is a bacholars degree in science related technology

maths english science ocr science diploma

by studying hard in science and English then you will go to university

criminology and the knowing of science and forensics

to become one ya havet to do eeverything and try harder that ya can do every

You must have a High School diploma.

Ø What level of education must the scientists in this branch have?A minimum of a bachelors degree in natural science or forensic scienceØ Some labs may require a masters degreeØ Students are required to participate in extensive lab work and fulfill an internship.

a degree in criminal justice and or forensic science

You must have a high school diploma.

Yes, A degree in science education will help you become a science teacher. However, a degree in science education will not provide much assistance in teaching any other subjects.

You will need to have a degree in chimistry, physics,or biology. Forensic science is accepted to. You can get a degree in medicine too. (required)

I estimate 10 years of post secondary education to obtain a Phd that would be required to become a Forensic Anthropologist.

Biology and Chemistry and possibly Physics. If your high school offers a Forensic Science class, take it.

You would need to take a lot of science classes to become a forensic computer examiner. A lot of computer classes as well.

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