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Some people will say "none", but truth is - statistically, every person in society needs some sort of education - and anyway, even the dumbest of the dumbest, such as Paris Hilton, know English - and you need education for that ;) FOcus on school, and make sure that's first priority - because the statistical chance of becoming a pop singer is low!

English, poetry, instrument, voice, all kinds of things. But yes, focus on school.

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Q: What kind of education does a pop singer need?
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What education do you need to be a pop singer?

You don't need one , but most graduate highschool at least.

How much education do pop singers need to have?

A pop singer is not required to have any formal training. Talent is the only know-how necessary to be a singer, though it is not the only necessity to being in the business.

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Being pop singer is better than a top student?

Absolutly not! education is the most important thing! BYE

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Beyoncé started out as an R&B singer but kind of faded into a Pop singer with her album "B-Day" but she is still sings R&B and is considered a R&B/Pop singer because she sings both genres.

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How much education is needed to be a pop singer?

As shown by idiots such as Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan (who had a brief singing stint), and many others, you don't NEED that much education. As a matter of fact, you don't even really need talent, just connections with the right people at the right times. However, more education is always better, and the more you have, the more respected you'll be.

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How much schooling does a pop singer need?

A popstar doesn't need as much schooling as the average person because they do not have to go to collage.

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