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Q: What kind of energy transfers occur when you use your muscles?
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Which kind of energy transfer can occur in empty space?

Gravitational and Electromagnetic energy transfers can occcur in "empty" space.

A hand-held fan transfers electrical energy to what kind of energy?

Sound energy and kinetic energy

What type of energy does a bike use?

Solar energy transfers to the biker, the biker transfers muscular energy to the pedals, the pedals transfer mechanical energy to the bike itself, the bike transfers mechanical energy to the wheels, and the wheels transfer friction energy to the road, and the bike (it's wheels) moves.

When a baseball player is holding a bat what kind of energy does the bat have?

It seems to be incorrect that the bat itself has any energy; rather, the batter's arm muscles contain the energy, which then transfers to the bat, which acts on the baseball.So, in short, it is the player that possesses the potential energy, not the bat.

What kind of energy is occurring when you use your muscles?

kinetic energy

Can machines transfer energy?

I think they Canaan process to store potential energy, Then it can be re transfers to any kind of energy that it can.

What kind of energy transformation occur when the energy is converted?

mechanical energy to electrical energy. :)

Which kind of energy transfer can occur in a vacuum?


What kind of energy is increase when earthquakes occur?

Thermal Energy is the success of this neutral plant

What is in kind transfers?

In kind transfers are also called as is transfers. The account is transferred as it is to the receiving institution and the investments are all transferred at the market value on the transfer date.

What kind of energy is involved in turning on a tv?

To turn it on you use mechanical energy produced in the muscles in your hand. To energise the TV you use electrical energy

What kind of wave transfers energy but no matter?

water waves ? Electromagnetic waves are an obvious example. Generally, it is a characteristic of waves that matter is not transferred.