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The Accord has a 0B0A series engine depends on the year and if it's an Si or not. It would depend on the year and trim level (DX, LX, EX, SE, Si). For example, my 93 Accord LX came from the factory with an F22A1 (2.2 Liter I4 SOHC), my friend's 93 EX came with an F22A6 (2.2 Liter I4 SOHC, (slightly more horsepower)). Accords from 1984 - 1995 could have come with anything from a 1.8 liter I4 to a 2.7 Liter V6 You can find the engine number on the front side of the engine block. You will probably have to wipe off a little dirt for the number to show up as they are very hard to see. Look down along the front left side of the engine block. You should see a black rubber plug. The number will stamped on a flat surface in that general area.

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Q: What kind of engine does the Honda Accord have?
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