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What kind of exercises should you do to lose weight on your hips and legs and what should you eat?


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2005-10-18 21:00:39
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It is difficult to pick and choose where you can loose wieght. That is called spot reduction and is unlikely to happen. Cardio exercises are a great way to maintain calorie balance or a negative calorie count and will help loose weight (in general). You can also add some weight training with some squats, leg press, and other leg exercises to help tone the legs. Light weights, high reps help to tone and not bulk up. Weight training is probably your best bet, and you will also burn more calories at rest if you have more lean muscle because your body works harder to maintain that compared to fat.


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There are many exercises you can do with weights, including weight lifting. Other than that, you can also lie down and do sit-ups with the added pressure of a weight to strengthen your core.

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To help you determine what exercise you can do, ask yourself if you want to lose or gain weight. Some people want to lose weight and instead they gain weight, little do they know that they are doing the wrong kind of physical activity. See fitness expert in order to determine which exercises suits you.

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they did every kind of exercises they did every kind of exercises

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Hips and shoulders are ball joints.

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ok well I think if you have large hips maybe the bikini bottoms aren't for you (trust me i should know) maybe a bikini top and like a mini skirt bottom to cover your latge hips and/or theighs.

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