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Fennec Foxes ! ! ! :)

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Can you adopt leopards?

No. Exotic animals do not make good pets and endangered animals (including leopards) are impossible and illegal to get as a pet. Strick to house cats or maybe savannahs.

What kind of wildlife?

If you are wanting to take wildlife pictures, it doesn't really matter what the wildlife is, more of how you take the picture. As a photographer you can make anything good at the right angle or with the right edit. More exotic animals, in my opinion, make better photo subjects. I hope you found this helpful !

What make a biome a rainforest?

They are generally among the equator and have warm temperatures, no seasons and exotic animals.

What kind of exotic pets can people own in Washington?

Many exotics do not make good pets. Yes, some places you are allowed monkeys, but that doesn't mean you should get one.

Where can exotic animals be touched by humans?

One can make arrangement online at the websites Zebra Entertainment and Events to be able to touch exotic animals. Their phone number is 818-368-2818 if you would like to contact them via phone rather than online.

Will a black panther make a good pet why or why not?

Wild animals do not make good pets. Animals have instincts that allow them to survive.

How exotic animals make good pets?

Well to start off with..Exotic animals is a very broad range. An exotic animal is any animal besides a cat or dog. A bird, Lizard, tutle, snake, spider, monkey, etc. I know this because I work at a vets office and right off the bat its an extra $50 to see anything besides a dog or cat, which is consider exotic. I own 2 snakes ( a California king and a rosy boa) and they are both great. very gentle, loveable, love to be held. Easy to keep up with, very cheap to feed. i love my snakes.

What pets are illegal in scottsdale?

Well, I've heard that you need a license for exotic animals and that you can't have a rooster in the city because they make noise.

Do animals like comfort?

Yes animals love comfort that's what make them kind of love you.

Do jaguars make good pets?

Most, if not all, wild animals do not make good pets.

Do sloth make good pets?

Sloths are wild animals, and therefore do not make good pets.

Do pandas make good pets?

Not so much, unless you have a massive backyard with an exotic climate and lots and lots of bamboo.

What is the most exotic leather used to make wallets?

Alligator skin can be used to make wallets and is often considered very exotic and rare.

What veggies can you use to make a food battery?

well you can use a an exotic type or an non exotic type

What kind of clothes do the mohawk make?

animals skin,fur,and feathers.

What animal makes a yapping noise?

what kind of animals make noise

Do vets make good money?

it depends on what kind of size animals you work with larger animal vets get paid more than small animal vets

What kind of animals live in the Tiaga biome?

There are many animals that make there home in Taiga Biome. Animals that live there are foxes, wolves and bears.

How do animals make their homes?

Well that's simple, but you have to see what kind of animal that it is.

What kind of organism considered as the producers?

Plants make food where animals eat it

Do lemers make good pets?

No, because they are wild animals.

Does a lynx make a good pet?

No, because they are wild animals

What are some exotic ice creams?

Some exotic ice crams are pineapple and chocolate cherry together make it great!

What are the Dog laws in south strabane pa?

It is unlawful to keep dogs that make too much loud noise. It is also unlawful to keep exotic or wild animals in the township.

Would a gorilla make a good pet?

No! Primates do not make good pets, nor any other wild animals!

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