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You can use crayons on just about any kind of fabric. For some of the synthetics, you would find it easier to use a frame, or hoop to hold it tight. The best fabric is heavier cotton, denim, or canvas.

If you are working with a special project, you should purchase the Fabric Crayons, which are specially formulated to write on fabric.

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What are fabric crayons made of?

Fabric crayons are made out of wax

How can you add color to fabric?

There are many diffrent ways... Fabric Pens Fabric Crayons An Applique Or Tye Die.. All of these will add colour to a fabric

How do you use fabric crayons?

You will need to buy a pack of fabric crayons Buy some nice plain fabric to use the crayons on Draw you design on the fabric in pencil Go over the pencil lines with fabric crayons Iron the design with news paper over it to let it get the acess wax off and then you are done.

Can you wash fabric crayons?

Yes ,its very simple. =/

What are the disadvantages of fabric crayons?

Very hard to draw with Crayons Limited Range of colours But they are still pretty cool!

How to color fabric?

There are many techniques that are used. One is to use colored threads or yarns when the fabric is milled. Another is to dye the fabric with a dye. The third is to paint it or otherwise add a surface color to it, such as crayons. I have also seen fabric covered all up with colored yarn or thread embroidered or glued on. This is common with canvas, and Aida cloth.

What do they put in crayons to get color?

color dye?

What gives crayons their color?

the crayons colors give them there colors and they are made in china

Where was crayons mad from?

you mean made right?

What kind of paper to use with water color crayons?

whatever type of paper you want wink wink™

What is the connection between rocks and crayons?

The color in the crayons may be derived from minerals which compose rocks.

What was the purpose of inventing Crayola crayons?

to color

How do you use color as a verb in a legal sentence?

you can use I like to color with crayons

How do you say color crayons in French?

crayons de couleurs ( in plural) / crayon de couleur ( when just one)

What types of Colors does Crayola Kids First Jumbo Washable Crayons have?

The kind that you color with. But really they have pretty much the same as the regular Crayola's have.

Why can't you eat color crayons?

They are made of wax.

How do you say color crayons in Arabic?

alwan sham3iyya :)

What happened in 1829 with crayons?

they started having color

Can you use the colors of crayola crayons on the lips?

No, Crayola crayons are not formulated to apply color to skin, and it would be particularly difficult to use crayons on the soft, moist surface of lips.

How do you color fabric?

There are many different ways to color fabric. The most common way is to soak it in a dye. The dye you use can be a commercial product, or a homemade dye made by boiling water with a color soluable item, such as berries. There are many excellent websites you can find by typing "homemade dyes" in your search box, if you need more info. Another way of coloring fabric is to paint it. Most people use a commercial fabric paint, but you can use any kind of paint you want, crayons or even marking pens. Yet another, more complicated way, is to sew or glue thread onto the fabric. This is usually done in the form of embroidery or needlepoint. Again, there are many fine websites to give you instructions on the techniques.

What main two things are crayons made of?

wax and color :)

What color makes brown in crayons?

red, yellow and blue

What are the release dates for Color of Crayons - 2005?

Color of Crayons - 2005 was released on: USA: 2005 (festival screening) USA: November 2005 (Miami Short Film Festival)

How do fabric dyes work?

it stains the fabric the dyes color

Who evented crayons?

the first 'modern' crayons originated in Europe. No one knows who first invented them, but they were probably made of a mixture between charcoal and oil. The first crayons had no color, they were all black (due to the charcoal). Eventually, powdered pigments were used to give the crayons some color! Many years later it was discovered that it was better to use wax than oil, as it made the crayons a lot easier to use.

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