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What kind of fish do piranhas eat?


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September 13, 2011 10:16AM

Actully, piranhas usually won't eat fish. They may eat them if they are already dead, though. Piranhas typically eat animals such as duck that are floating above the surface, which may appear to be dead. Piranhas are mainly scavengers, and feed off of dead animals carcuses usually. To skin a baby cow to the bone by a pack of piranhas will sometimes take only 3 minutes. Also if you were wondering, piranhas aren't the scary killer fish you see in movies. They don't kill humans intenionally. The only reason they may attack a human is if they sense fear. Once they do, they know you are vunrable. Sorry if I gave you more information than you wanted to know. Hope I helped :).

XoXo, xxxLeadTheLostxxx