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There is no such thing as a vampire squid Idoit

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Vampire squid eat sea monkeys,shrimp ect there enemies are sperm whale

The cuttlefish eats tiny fishes, and squids.

shrimp, fish and other squid.

No. There is no such thing as "Vampire squids", at least not land-dwelling ones that would go into a McDonald's to eat hamburgers.

yes it does eat a vampire squid lol

The fangtooths eat squids and smaller fish

They are not capable of eating people.

They eat plankton, fish and crustaceans and other squids.

Squids eat fish squid and humans.

they eat squids,fish,and krill.

no they eat jelly fish

Small squids tend to always eat very small fish, shrimp, and other squids.

A squid's diet is mainly fish and crustaceans.

yes they eat smaller fish or shrimp

absolutely that is their main source of food

Diet depends on size. Smaller squids tend to eat planktonic organisms. Larger squids feed on crustaceans and fish. Also, squids larger than 5 cm eat other squid. Feeding habits also depend on where the squid is in relation to the shore. If the squid is inshore, it eats fish, and if its offshore, it feeds on fish and crustaceans.

They eat cuttle fish, squids, and somtimes octopus.

Many deep sea fish eat glass squids, that includes angler fish, goblin sharks, and whales.

Squids eat a variety of things. They eat plankton, small fish, plants, and even shrimp. Larger squid can eat larger fish.

Yes, hammerheads do eat clown fish as well as other fish, squids, and octopus. Their favorite meals however are stingrays.

Penguins eat many different types of squid, fish, and small sea animals. Some of the squid they eat includes arrow squid and glacial squid. They generally eat small squids.

Rattle Snakes do not eat fish. No kind eats fish.

Giant squid eat deep sea fish and sometimes other squids.

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