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You don't! What you do is get a 55 gallon tank because angelfish won't be happy in a 10 gallon tank, and then you take the betta out of the tank (it will fight with your other fish) and just get more mollies and put lots of hiding places in the tank so the babies will live.

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Q: What kind of fish will be easy to breed and will get along with your other fish if you have a 10-gallon aquarium with a betta angelfish molly sepae tetra and a cleaner?
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Tilapia fish are related to which other fish?

Tilapia are in the cichlid family along with such popular aquarium fish as the Oscar and the freshwater angelfish.

Do angelfish get along with guppies?

Angelfish are semi aggressive fish and don't always get along with other fish. Most commonly they have a peaceful personality and get along with any fish. In my experience I have never had any problems with angelfish picking on other fish

Do angelfish get along with each other?

They get along in pairs or large groups.

What is the range of an angelfish?

Angelfish come from the lakes and slow moving waters along the various tributaries of the Amazon river.

Do angelfish get along with tiger barbs?

no the barbs will nip the fins of the angel fish

Can a betta get along with an angelfish?

"I had a beta and an angelfish at the same time they got along just fine. nope, sorry I had a beta and it killed my angelfish...good luck though" It mostly depends on the bettas personality. You can put them together but watch them closely, If they start fighting separate them.

What fresh water aquarium plant will grow along the bottom of the aquarium and spread out in a circle?

Moldy cheese or an eyeball

Do angelfish and betta fish get along?

I don't recommend it. A large Angelfish could kill a curious Betta. Angelfish are surprisingly territorial and feisty Cichlids. Both Angels and Bettas use the same area of the tank and will clash, the Betta is smaller and is likely to lose in a fight.

Is freshwater algae that grows inside a fish tank harmful to angelfish?

It is not harmful. But if you want to clean up the algae in the tank you want to get a pleco. They are very peaceful fish and will not harm angelfish. I have a pleco and three angelfish in my 35 gallon tank right now and they get along great!

Do crayfish and fish get along well in an aquarium?

As a general rule No. Most crayfish are carnivores and will rip pieces off any fish in the aquarium.

Do lemon peel and imperator angelfish get along?

Likely yes; Dwarfs and full size usually get along. To be extra safe, add the lemonpeel first.

Do angelfish blend in with other fish?

Do you mean will they mate with other fish or get along with other fish? They will not mate with other fish, but they will get along without tetras.

What fish get along with dwarf angelfish?

Angel fish is both categories re community fish. Its normal to see angels, guppies, mollies, danios and gararmies living quite well together. When planning an aquarium consider a range of fish that feed at different levels (top middle and bottom feeders)

What can you use to fix a leak along the seam on an 10 gal. aquarium?

All Glass Silicone Aquarium Seal can be found at most pet shop's.It is best to buy the product for fish aquarium's .Other sealer's could harm your fish.

Can an silver angelfish get along with a lyre tail molly?

Yes, they actually make great friends and can have many babies together.

Can your tetra fish get along with angelfish?

some yes others no just make shur that they don't get aggressive! good luck and have fun:)

What is included in the lens kit for the Nikon D3000?

It includes a cleaner and cloth along with it.

Where can one purchase a registry cleaner software?

In a website called " Tom's Hardware" you can purchase a registry cleaner software along with other content in sale. There are other website where you don't have to buy a registry cleaner and they afford it for free.

Can I find cheap hotels near the Aquarium in Atlanta,GA?

There are at least 30 hotels close to the Aquarium in Atlanta. Some are adjacent, while some of the less expensive ones are one or more blocks away. Many of the hotels that aren't adjacent do offer shuttle services to the Aquarium. If you go to , it will have a comprehensive list of the hotels closest to the Aquarium, along with links to find out the prices.

What fish can Angelfish live with?

Community fish. In other words, fish that get along with others and are not agressive. If you go to the Pet Store and ask they will surely help you out.

Do betta fish get along with angelfish?

Betta's do not repeat not go well with any fish especially with those with long fins so don't mix them. :)

Where do angelfish live?

The cichlid angelfish, a common aquarium fish, lives in fresh water. There are also salt water angelfish (unrelated to the cichlids) that live in coral reefs in all tropical oceans, and a ray-like shark called the angel shark that lives in all tropical and temperate oceans. An angelfish lives in coral reefs and by the Tropical Indian and western pacific oceans from the red sea to the Polynesia They live along the bottom of the sea, where it is really dark. In the Amazon River in South America. The Amazon river in South America. Some species can be found in Rio Negro. Usually they like to swim in soft acidic waters where there is more food for them to eat and live in. They belong to the South Americas but have been introduced to new habitats including Europe and North America where there is acidic waters. An angelfish lives in the oceans and other bodies of salt water. They have a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones.

Fish that get along with goldfish and angelfish in home aquarium?

Provided your tank is large enough (48"x18"x18" minimum) you could stock many of the larger Tetras, Dwarf cichlids, etc. The main things to remember are that Angel fish (Pterophyllum sp.) are a fairly large Amazonian fish needing heaps of room and lots of water changes and they will hunt and eat smaller fish.

Is boiled water cleaner?

Because impurities get removed from the water along with the steam as it leaves the pot.

In which country was the creepy crawly pool cleaner invented?

The "Creepy Crawly" Pool cleaner that crawls along the bottom and sides of your pool sucking up dirt, was invented in South Africa.

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