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Red Eared Slider Turtle do not eat sharks. despite there ability to practically devour anything the sharks are to big to attempt to attack it. hence turtles do not try to attack them and red eared slider turtles don't eat them. :)

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Because he/she is depressed. Or he/she doesnt like the food.

Simply because she isn't in season ! She'll reject him until she's sexually receptive.

Be sure the food is small enough and that the water temp and it is clean or if it is brand new to a tank maby try different food???

I think they hibernate if it doesn't eat in the winter. Mine did that. If it isn't winter you sould take it to the vet, there might be somthing seriosly wrong with it.

they can eat guppies and betta fish the betta fish will put up a fight sometimes they wont eat the fish and just leave the fish there for a tank mate if there is any amount in a tank together but if you put to many big turtles in a tank with little turtles the big ones will eat it

Take this turtle to your exotic animal vet imediatly. if you don't have one, look one up near you and drive there and say its an emergancy

your red ear slider isn't eating because they are timid animals and it is probaly scared of you try fider fish first if that dosent work the put in floating pellets and leave the room.

I think it takes about 3 to 4 years because that's when its a adult.It well be 4 to 8 inches by then.When it reaches to 3 to 4 years it wont grow bigger than it was.

I have a red eared slider too. If you turtle is a baby dont worry until the third week or so. You can also try raw meat, baby turtles are usally carnivorous. If your turtle doesnt eat by the third week you should see a doctor. A list of foods for turtles is cooked chiken for a snack or treat, bloodworms, earthworms,veggies, fruits, pinkie mice, and you can also try frozen turtle pellets called NATURAL AQUATIC TURTLE FOOD. I hope it all works with your little slider GOOD LUCK

it depends on what your feeding it usually I would go for mini shrimp or mini krill my turtle loves that I would also recommend watermelon my turtle also likes that every once in a while also good luck feeding your turtle

sicklets,oscors and any others kind if yhu wont it to be dead (real talk)

Not very long,because they are territorial.thats why your supposed to put the Betta in the tank last,so it wont do that kind of stuff.

No, it not. It wont hurt the fish.

Try checking the handle on the inside of your slider. I have this problem with my slider. If the slider gets opened from inside the villager the handle sticks amd the slider wont close. I suggest using white lithium grease to help free up any stickyness of the handle. There also a possiblity that you have an item in the track on the slider, check that too.

AnswerDo you have a heat lamp for the turtle? See the Related Question below.AnswerMy baby turtle has the same problem but I'll tell you what I know... Red eared sliders can only eat in water, and they wont eat if its too cold or if your watching him/her. also try giving him/her different foods and try to see if he/she will eat that. also if it is a new turtle then wait a few day until it is used to its surrondings. and baby red eared sliders like meat alot more then anything else so try and give cooked salmon or cooked meat. I hope that your turtle eats!Another Answer:Red Eared Slider turtles eat MEAT when babies, make sure they are at home and comfy and not spazzing out, then slip a small piece of chicken in their tank. It will sink, but they should find it. Also, when Red Eared Sliders are babies, the water cannot go above their heads if they are on their back legs. Their heads need to poke out.

When people go to Nigeria, they want to see the red eared dog, only seen there.

yes because like the bottles the glue wont get out so it wont damage the water so the glue around the fish tank wont damage the fish

Yes because the dead fish floats so it wont move

yes, mine always does, now it just completely wont turn on

The only ones that wont eat fish are tortoise.

they wont live very long cause they get dry so fast so about one hour

What will happen is that people will start to lose their jobs because people are over fishing, like butchers need fish to sell and when theirs no fish they wont have any to sell so that will make the money go down, and then we wont have fish to eat anymore.

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