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What kind of fluid is in 300zx clutch?


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There is no fluid in the clutch....The clutch master cylinder takes DOT 3 brake fluid. It is the same fluid that you put into the brake master cylinder

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Right at the clutch master cylinder reservoir under the hood.

You put brake fluid for the clutch master cylinder

It has a hydraulic clutch ( the brake fluid reservoir is also the clutch fluid reservoir )

The fluid used for the hydraulic clutch is DOT 3 brake fluid

Brake Fluid Dot 3 Note: Brake and Clutch fluid are the same

it uses the same for the hydraulic clutch as it does for the brakes.

DOT ( 3 ) brake fluid is used for the hydraulic clutch in a Ford Ranger

The VW Beetle does not have clutch fluid. There is not any fluid associated with the clutch. The transmission has transmission fluid.

$126 for the whole clutch kit. Clutch,pressure plate,and throwout bearing.

Your clutch is operated by a cable , it's not a hydraulic operated clutch on the 2000 Ford Mustang

warrior 350 runs on wet clutch, the crankcase oil lubes the clutches

DOT ( 3 ) brake fluid is used for the hydraulic clutch and the brakes in a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport

It uses brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. The clutch fluid (brake fluid) is fed by the brake fluid reservoir. The clutch fluid reservoir is just beneath the brake fluid reservoir. So, add fluid to the brake fluid reservoir to fill the clutch fluid, also.

The clutch fluid is located in the same reservoir as the brake fluid. As a dot 4 brake fluid, used for the breaks and the clutch.

1. Clutch fluid is brake fluid. 2. The fluid used for your clutch master/slave cylinders is pulled from your brake fluid reservoir.

Where do you fill clutch fluid in a volvo

no such thing as clutch fluid. dot 3 brake fluid is to be used in the clutch tank

If the clutch fluid reservoir is just low, no. If the clutch fluid reservoir is empty, yes.

Its location is on the bracket behind the clutch pedal, I believe its a brown and white wiring coming from it.

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