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In general, Australians have the same diet as people in other Western nations such as the US. The culture is diverse, and this is reflected in the cuisine.

Barbecues and a relaxed style of entertaining, favoring an abundance of salads and fresh produce which are available year round in Australia's climate. The major fast food chains as found in other countries around the world are well patronised too, by both young and old.

There are a couple of dishes that Australians have on occasion that may not be familiar. One is Pavlova, a dessert of fruit and cream served on a meringue case. Another popular morning tea snack food is lamington, a sponge cake covered with melted chocolate and dipped in desiccated coconut. Lamingtons may be served as small square blocks, or in a large round cake, sometimes with a jam and cream layer.

A staple food from the past is damper, a simple bread made from flour, salt and water and baked in the coals of a fire. A traditional "bush" food, it is now usually reserved for fun when out camping or around a campfire on the beach or in a park.

Even the indigenous Australians on the whole do not eat their traditional foods as a staple diet. Bush foods, such as wattle (acacia) seeds and witchetty grubs, have become a delicacy available in top restaurants but are not in mainstream consumption.

Australians are very multicultural; they eat a lot of different foods. Australians are some of the largest consumers of meat in the world and the quality is extremely high. Meats consist mainly of beef, lamb, chicken and pork. There is a large variety of vegetables available, as well as potatoes and rice. Sea food is more expensive but nevertheless widely used by most Australians. Other foods include:pastas, pastries, fresh fruits & vegetables. Australians like other cultural foods such as Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican and so on. They also enjoy the good old British fish and chips, and meat pies.

Kangaroo meat has become readily available in supermarkets, but for most Australians, it is not part of their everyday fare. It is an acquired taste, and only a small percentage of Australians have acquired that taste ...

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Q: What kind of food do Australians eat?
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