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What kind of food is eaten by the people of Saudi Arabia?

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They don't eat spicy food,their desserts are usually too sweet and they eat different types of rice called Kabsa, Mandi and Ruz Bukhari..

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Q: What kind of food is eaten by the people of Saudi Arabia?
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Do people in Saudi Arabia eat spicy food?


What food do they eat in Saudi Arabia?

There is a variety of cuisines in Saudi Arabia. They do not all eat the same food.

what does Saudi Arabia probably have to import?

Saudi Arabia imports most of its food products.

What is the famous food in Saudi Arabia?


Does Saudi Arabia have vegetarian food?


Is there any T.G.I. Friday's food chain in Saudi Arabia?

They translate it as T.F.I Fridy's in Saudi Arabia. So they do have them

What are the main imports of Saudi Arabia?

Food is one.

What is Saudi Arabia dependent on other countries for?


Why are people in Saudi Arabia offended by pork?

Pork is not just disgraced in Saudi Arabia, but all over the Muslim world. Muslims do not eat pork because they view the pig as a dirty animal, and if you eat it you are eating dirty food.

Saudi Arabia is dependent upon other countries for?

It is dependant for food

What kind of food do people eat in Saudi Arabia?

People eat different types of rice called Kabsa, Mandi and Ruz Bukhari.

What is the staple food of Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia most of the saudis are eating kapsa, in the kapsa includes rice,chicken with fresh tomato paste and vegetable salath saperate.

Why can't you buy food in Saudi Arabia with American dollars?

This is not true you can buy anything with dollars in Saudi Arabia, because there are a lot of American people that live in there. This might be true only in very small villages where it would be hard to exchange any foreign currency.

Which fast food service serves fast food the fastest?

al baik restaurant group in saudi arabia

What is Saudi Arabia going to do to get food and other resources?

Thay are going to trade with other countries around them because Saudi Arabia is basically all desert, well almost. They have interdpendance with other countries.

What do the people of Saudi Arabia eat?

The Staple Diet is Rice (Similar to Briyani, they call it Kapsaa, which is less Spicy) But if you are an expatriate, dont worry, you will get all type of Cuisines here..and Cheap.. Indian Food is very cheap here compared to the Saudi food..

Why does Saudi Arabia have such a low population density?

For some strange reason, people are just not interested in living in the middle of the desert (that comprises most of the country) with no food or water.

What are the food expenses in saudi arabia We are two adults Stay for 15 days for umrah We want both veg and non veg dishes in lunch and dinner as well?

Food cost in Saudi Arabia can be a over priced for two adults. The best thing to do would be to pack what you can from home.

Name the traditional food eaten by people of kerala?

Rice is the traditional food eaten by people of Kerala

How much does the food cost in Saudi Arabia?

Cost of food in KSA is between 450 SR and 900 SR per month, if you take food in Hotels.

Are genetically modified food in Saudi Arabia?

In the 2000 it was ban but since March 2005 is acepted but only if it is labelled

What are some of the major problems in Saudi Arabia?

over popularity, poor government, farming, agriculture, not enough food, industries.

What food was eaten by older people?


What types of food are eaten by people from New Zealand?

tasty food

What are the top 20 FMCG companies in Saudi Arabia?

1. Nestle Saudi Arabia 2. Abu Dawood 3. Binzagr / Unilever 4. Arabian Food Supplies 5. Al Naghi 6. GTC olayan 7. Basamah Trading 8. Tamer 9. Balsharaf 10. OPTC