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As of now there is no solid proof that eating foods based on your blood type has any real benefit. It is best to eat a wellrounded diet of foods that are good for you.

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Q: What kind of foods should someone with a positive blood type eat?
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According to the blood type diet, what type of diet is recommended for someone with type A positive blood?

For a person who has an A positive blood type, it is best to eat fresh, organic foods. For someone your type, you should engage in calming exercise three times out of the week.

What foods are best for a person with a positive type blood?

The best food for someone with a positive blood type to eat would be veggies, grains, and fish. They should also not skip meals, exercise light, and have meditation reduced stress.

What is the best diet for someone with high blood pressure?

For someone with high blood pressure, you should stay away from foods that are high in fat and sugar. You should avoid deep fried foods and fried foods in general like french fries and onion rings.

What foods should I be eating as a person with a positive blood type?

A person with A positive blood type is recommended to eat a vegetarian. It is also suggested that for their diet to have low protein and dairy consumption.

What food should people with positive type a blood eat?

Go to the drlam website, it has great information on foods to eat with certain blood types. It has a blood type dietary table that tells you what you should and should not eat with your blood type.

Do people with type O blood have to eat rare foods?

People with O positive blood types do not have to eat rare foods. They should focus their diet on protein rich foods and avoid grains and dairy. They should also use legumes and fruits and vegetables in moderation.

What sorts of foods should someone with O blood type eat?

Someone with Type O should eat foods that are high in protein. Chicken, pork, beef, milk, beans, and nuts/seeds. These types of foods are best for Type O.

What are blood type O positive nutritional needs?

Type O blood types require a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables. They should focus on eating high protein foods. They should not worry about counting calories.

What foods are good for someone with high blood pressure?

You should eat healthy and exercise regularly. vitamin rich foods and fish should work well with high blood pressure. a trick is to participate in things like meditation to relieve stress and help you out.

Where can I find information on diets for high blood pressure?

When someone is on a high blood pressure diet the top three main foods that they should stay away from are alcohol, salt and foods high in saturated and trans fats.

Does maintaining a positive diet change your blood type?

People with different blood types should have different diets, which helps you maintain a healthy body. Maintaing a positive diet does not change your blood type, but infact a positive diet does keep you healthy if you eat the right foods and stay away from certain foods for your blood type. Certain blood types will not keep you from being active based on the foods you eat, but it does affect you if you are trying to loose weight. If you are trying to loose weight it does help if you eat the right sorts of food, for whichever blood type you have for example for people with type o blood type should eat meat and vegetables and not so much eat grains, beans, and legumes.

Should people with negative or positive blood types eat a special diet?

There is a theory that those with RH negative blood are more susceptible to food allergies. There is a specific diet you can follow, but it is not necessary in my opinion to follow this diet.