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Just regular presents that most other countries give to each other i.e. Americans & English people might give toys, video games etc.

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Q: What kind of gifts do Scottish people give for Christmas?
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Why do you give gifts to each other at Christmas?

you give people gifts because the wise men gave gifts to Jesus

Why do people give gifts on Christmas?

People give gifts on Christmas because Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate gift in dying on the cross for our sins. Hope this helps.

What gifts do French people give to each other on Christmas?

The same gifts as English people...............

How many people prefer getting gifts for Christmas than giving gifts for Christmas?

The statistics for how many people prefer getting gifts rather than giving them for Christmas are not available; however, those who prefer to give gifts can understand what the saying, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" really means.

What gifts do Iraq people give for Christmas?

Iraq is mainly Muslim. They do not celebrate Christmas.

What Christmas gifts do Japanese people give?

wood work

Why do people give gifts to their superiors at Christmas?

as a sign of respect

What kind of gifts Italians give people on Christmas?


What do people in Scotland give for gifts on Christmas?

they offer a turkey

What do Polish people give as gifts for Christmas?

There's no special gifts. People give each other whatever they think would be nice and bring joy.

Why does Santa Claus give gifts on Christmas?

He gives gifts because he wants to make people happy.

Does China give gifts at Christmas?

No, China does not give gifts at Christmas. This is because Christmas Day is not an official holiday in China.

When do they give Christmas gifts in Australia?

This depends on personal family traditions. The majority of Australian people open their gifts on Christmas morning. However, in communities where there are strong ties to European homelands (e.g. The German Lutherans), many people give their gifts on Christmas Eve. Families with Finnish heritage often do the same.

What type of gifts do you give to people of India at Christmas time?


What do people in america do at Christmas?

Celebrate Jesus' birthday and give gifts

How is christsmas celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 on that day people usually give gifts to others and receive gifts

Why people give gifts to each other on Christmas?

Because you have to celebrate cristmas.

What do Australian people give each other as Christmas gifts?

Usually People give each other what the other person wants. Some people have a Christmas wish list of the items they want.

Why do people give gift on Christmas Day?

People give gifts on Christmas because Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate gift in dying on the cross for our sins. Some people believe that because Saint Nick gives gifts we give gifts to celebrate the joy of giving and we give to say Jesus gave us the greatest gift so accept him and I my heart give you this gift

Why do you wrap Christmas gifts?

It is always fun to give a surprise. That is why we wrap the Christmas gifts.

Does Scotland give gifts for Christmas?

Yes, the majority of Scottish people are Christian and celebrate Christmas as the main religious occasion (you absolute moron). It is increasingly popular to share gifts with family and friends, even with strangers, at Christmas time. Scotland however has a vibrant and exciting cultural and ethnic scene which includes a vast array of religions including Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and even Jedism. I hope this answers your question, merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Do Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate Christmas or give and receive gifts?

Baptized and dedicated Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas nor do they give or receive Christmas gifts.

Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?

Christians give gifts based on the magi giving gifts to Jesus.

Do people in Ireland give away Christmas gifts?

Some people would. If it is something they don't want or need, many charities will take those items and give them to people who can use them. Most people will keep their gifts though.

I don't get why you give gifts at Christmas?

Gifts are given at Christmas as a reminder of the gifts that were given to baby Jesus by the wise men.