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He is married to Lyn-Z, The bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence

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Why do all girls like pink?

girls might like pink in there kind of way but other girls might like purple , green, or even black!! it does not really matter its there kind of way

What kind of Skittles Gerard way likes?

The red kind

What kind of girls are ticklish?

the kind who like to be touched (not in that way)lol

Did Gerard Way really have a baby?

YES his little girls name is Bandit Way!

What kind of iPod does Gerard Way have?

iPod Classic ")

What kind of eyeliner does Gerard way wear?


Does Gerard Way like chocolate?

Gerard Way LLOOOVVEEESS chocolate give all your chocolate to him.

What is Gerard Way afraid of?

Gerard Way is afraid of needles.

Does Gerard way check out other girls?

Can i tell you something no body knows that but Gerard way gawd and hes a man wat do u think

What kind of coffee does Gerard way like?

Black Coffee, NO Creamer, NO sugar. Just plain BLACK coffee. (:

What Kind of cell phone does Gerard Way have?

he uses an iphone

How is hotter Joe Jonas or Gerard way?

many young girls would say Joe jonas, hands down. but i say Gerard Way, of course. x3

Which football team does Gerard way like?

i don't think Gerard watches football

Does Gerard way still drink beer?

No, Gerard Way is now clean and sober and does not drink alcohol of any kind. However, he does still smoke.

Does Gerard way like to cook?


What kind of car does Gerard way drive?

A black mini convertable.

Are Gerard Way and Frank Iero going out?

they did before but they got married to girls and moved on

What do you do if your friend is obsessed with Gerard way?

Tell your friend to suck it up and that Gerard Way is way out of her league. If she ever wants to date (or her you never know) him she is going to have to somehow meet him and stop obsessing because guys don't like when girls obsess over them that stuff above is so not true Gerard loves his fans and i love him from brianna Boyd

How do you say Gerard Way?

It is not like Jared. It's pronounced like this: Jer-Ard. and I'm sure you know how to say Way. (ps: GERARD FREAKIN' ROCKS!!!)

What kind of cigarettes does Gerard Way smoke?

Marlboro Red 100's

What is the birth name of Gerard Way?

Gerard Way's birth name is Gerard Arthur Way.

Is Gerard way from mcr dead on November?

What? No, Gerard Way is still alive. He's not suicidal anymore, and he's living life like he should.

Does Gerard way like pie?

Maybe he does, who knows? But I love him.

Does Gerard Way like kids?

Hopefully since he has one...

Does Gerard Way like orange juice?

No, he likes milk!

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