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hats, cigars, oil.

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What do they produce in Panama?

In Panama they produce hats, cigars, Yucca fruit, tobacco. They also produce- imported from Panama is Medical Supplies.

What goods does Kenya Africa produce?

what goods does kenya produce

Did China produce goods?

Yes, China did produce goods.

What did the Panama trade for?

Panama trades bananas, shrimp and coffee for capital goods, chemicals, and foodstuffs.

Why do countries have to import goods?

Virtually no country can produce enough of every kind of material it needs by itself.

What country is the Panama Canal going through?

The Panama Canal goes through Panama because it made it 8,000 miles easier to get goods to its destination!

What kind of land does panama have?

panama is an isthmus an is in the central America.

Who determines what goods to produce in the economy?

It is the demand and supply which determines the goods and services to produce in the economy.

Is Panama the world's leading supplier of natural gas?

Not at all; Panama does not produce natural gas.

How do you people bring goods in and out of panama?

Goods can be shipped via sea or air. They will have to pass customs and a duty tax will have to be paid on the value of the goods.

What impact does the Panama Canal have on society?

The Panama Canal has an economic impact on society, by allowing goods to be delivered faster to where they are needed.

What are the major imports of panama?

The major imports of Panama include capital goods, food, consumer goods, as well as chemicals. Some exports include bananas, shrimp, sugar, coffee, and clothing.

Why is sugarcane important to Panama?

it produce the products needed

Explain what is meant by a natural resource?

Natural Resource is a gift of nature to man kind used to produce goods and services.

What kind of music do they have in Panama?

Panama has folk music, reggaeton, and rock music.

What are produce goods andconsumrr goods?

Consumer goods are market ready goods, producer goods are the input materials needed to manufacture consumer goods.

What is a firm's goal when determining how many goods to produce?

to produce enough goods to meet demand while making a profit

When trying to decide what to produce businesses will look at the demand for their goods.?

When trying to decide what to produce, businesses will look at the demand for their goods.

When determining how much goods to produce what is the firms goal?

to produce enough goods to meet demand while making a profit

What are perishable goods?

Milk products, meats and produce are perishable goods.

What is the export products from panama?

Panama exports salmon/tuna, beef, watermelon, shrimp, and pineapples. Panama exports to U.S. (2011)--$379 million: primarily seafood and repaired goods.

How did the Panama Canal help the U.S?

Yes, the Panama Canal was a big trade route for many goods. The US exports and imports lots of goods with countries like China, India, Europe and others. The Panama Canal also makes the transportation between countries quicker and safer.

Through what country does the panama canal pass?

Panama lol. Isn't that kind of obvious.

What kind of businesses produce tangible goods?

Tangible goods are things you can see and touch like clothes and cars and computers. They are made by factories, manufactures,etc. Intangibles are things like services.

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