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What kind of government did Denmark have after World War 2?


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World War II reshaped almost the entire face of Europe and the countries that call the content home. Following the war, Denmark created a democratic government.


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After the World War 2 Italy did have a democratic type of government.

Denmark was a neutral country in World War I

Yes. Denmark was occupied during World War 2.

The Nazis were involved in Denmark during the World War 2.

We had a war against the Soviet Union, Denmark did not.

Denmark was occupied by the Germans in WWII.

Denmark was occupied by German forces 1940-1945.

Denmark was invaded and occupied, Sweden was not.

Germany seized Denmark in April 1940.

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Denmark was neutral and traded with both sides.

Because Denmark people are all pussies.

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Denmark was taken over by Germany in World War II and the people worked hard to slow down the German war machine by acts of sabotage.

Iceland along with Denmark stayed neutral (not on a side); Iceland was ruled by Denmark before WW2 but when Germany invaded Denmark the British government sent forces to Iceland to prevent German troops from landing. Officially Iceland was still part of Denmark but under the protection of the British, and later the American, government.

Denmark won the First Schleswig War in 1851, but the Austrian and Prussian (German) coalition won the Second Schleswig War in 1864. Denmark was overrun by Germany in World War II in 1940.

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Denmark was occupied by Germany during World War 2

Communist, they presently are still a communist country

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