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Romania is now a republic.

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What kind of government does Transylvania have?

Transylvania is only a province in the central part of Romania. Romania is a democratic country.

Is Romania an unlimited government or a limited government?

Romania is a Limited government. They elect there own president.

What type of government are there in Romania?

Romania is a republic

What is the form of government of Romania?

Romania is a republic.

What kind of jungles are in Romania?

Romania has no jungles.

What is the government like in Romania?

Romania is now a republic.

What kind of information can be found when you google the term Romania?

Looking up the term Romania brings up information primarily about the country Romania. Government sites and public information sites such as Wikipedia line the top of the list.

What kind of celebrations are in Romania?

Romania has religious and national celebrations.

Was there a different type of government in Romania or no?

Not a different government; Romania is now - but only theoretically - an independent and democratic country.

What are the different branches of the government in Romania?

The government has ministries.

What kind of animal do they have in Romania?

Romania has 60% of Europe's bear population.

What is the government system of Romania?

Theoretically Romania has a democratic system; practically is an oligarchy.

Who is Romania's government?

Romania is a republic.

How is the government of Romania?

Honestly, stupid.

Who rules Romania?

The Romanian Government

How is the average citizen in Romania connected to the government of Romania?

Any serious connection exist now.

What kind of country is Romania?

Romania is a small independent country, a republic in the East of Europe.

What government rules Romania today?


Is Romania a limited or unlimited government?


Is Romania in peace with there government?

No, it is a permanent conflict.

What was the position of Romania in the Poland invasion?

In September 1939 the Romanian Government allowed the evacuation in Romania of the Polish government, the Polish treasury, some number of troops and also civilians. They were treated well and helped in Romania.

What type of government does Transylvania have?

Transylvania is only a province in the central part of Romania. Romania is a democratic country.

Why is the survival rate for the Romania holocaust the highest?

The Romanian government generally protected Jews born in Romania.

How is Romania governed?

Romania has now a so-called democratic government; in practice is corruption, politicianism and chaos.

What kind of economic system does Romania use?

Now Romania has an anarchic capitalism and a free market.

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