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What kind of guy do girls like?

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2011-11-18 11:05:56

Well, I like guys who aren't nasty and perverted. I like it when

they are preppy boys, and they need to smell good, and no bad trust

issues. Don't call me if you're not going to talk, and don't hang

all over girls, and make me your # 1.

Yeah and never have sex with dirty girls! Really!

Agree. Trust issues are the worst. If a boy is really paranoid

and stops you going out with your male mates, it's annoying and the

easiest way to loose a girl. The only thing I don't agree with 100%

is making her your number 1 thing. Let her know that you like her a

lot and she's important, but if something were to go wrong you

would have made a girl your everything and eventually she may turn

out to be nothing.

Yeah, and don't be forceful or go on about sex all the time ,

girls instantly think you're using them. The worst thing you could

do is flirt with other girls; the trust she has for you will be

completely destroyed.

Don't show off too much. Period.

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