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Kiwis (birds)

What kind of habitat do kiwi birds like?


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November 26, 2011 10:49AM

Kiwis are a New Zealand bird. So they are located in New Zealand. But if you want to be more specific - the common North Island Brown Kiwi lives in New Zealand's native forests, pockets of bush, pine forests and scrub country on the top half of New Zealand. Basically , the habitat it lives in is forest.

Further information:

The kiwi's natural habitat is native forests but it is now found in kauri and coniferous forest where the undergrowth is dominated by tree ferns. However, due to habitat clearing, the kiwi is now forced to survive in semi-wooded forest, scrubland and agricultural areas. One variety, the Haast Brown kiwi, can be found in high sub-alpine tussock grasslands.