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What kind of health insurance allows patients to choose their own doctors and hospital?


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An indemnity plan allows patients to go to any hospital or doctor they choose. PPOs and HMOs force a patient to choose a doctor and hospital from an approved list.

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Indemnity insurance is for patients that don't have a good income. It allows them to have all of their surgeries and treatment at the hospital covered by the hospitals private insurance. Human resources could help you.

it allows doctors to examine parts of the body that cannot be seen without having to cut in to the patients body, making the patients pain eased (decreasing the pain a lot)

GHI is private insurance which allows you to buy an individual or family policy. Check with your doctors and your local hospital that they accept GHI. I fyour employer does not offer GHI, a policy may be purchased from the company via their website or by phone.

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Medicaid is a health insurance program for individuals and families with low incomes and resources. It is jointly funded by the states and federal government and is managed by the states. The income limits for adults to receive Medicaid are extremely low (coverage for children only allows for a much higher income level). While gastric bypass may be a covered procedure, it is up to each individual doctor to determine if they would accept the Medicaid insurance (doctors do not have to accept the Medicaid insurance). In fact, doctors who accept Medicaid are generally limited, particularly in specialty fields (such as gastric bypass). Most doctors who will accept the Medicaid insurance are general or family practice doctors or pediatricians.

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The major difference between HMO and PPO is the fact that HMO lets individuals choose doctors within a specific network, while PPO allows patients to choose their own health care provider.

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