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insects and other stuff

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What kind of frogs eat insects?

Most frogs eat insects.

Why is frogs good for your garden?

They eat pest insects that would harm your garden.

Repel frogs from plants?

Most frogs are not vegetarian--they actually eat garden insects.

What frogs do we eat?

Frogs eat many kind of insects like snails,beatalls,flies and many diffrent things

What kind of insects do small wild frogs eat?

Small crickets, worms, many insects.

What does a frog from the garden eat?

I would assume crickets and other insects. frogs usually eat whatever moves and they can swallow!

What are kind of insects do frogs eat?

They will eat anything that fits in their mouth as long as it is not poisonous or harmful.

What kind of bugs do frogs like?

They usually eat flies but sometimes they will eat small insects.

Do frogs eat may flies?

Yes frogs eat flies they usually eat insects anyways. In stories it says the frogs eat mainly eat flies but frogs usually eat insects.

Get rid of frogs from under your house?

To get rid of the frogs under the house it is important to have the compound professionally drained to get rid of the frogs. It is however important to note that frogs eat insects such as mosquitoes in the garden.

Do frogs eat vegetables?

No, frogs are carnivorous, they eat insects and slugs.

Do frogs eat moths?

frogs eat insects, such as moths

Do tree frogs eat grass?

No they do not. Tree frogs eat insects.

What do frogs like to eat?

Frogs like to eat meat. If the frogs are of small or average, they eat flies, moths and other small insects. But if the frogs are large, they eat bigger insects such as worms and grasshoppers.

What do small garden frogs eat?

Small garden frogs eat worms,snails, and small fish.

What do baby garden snakes eat?

== == They will eat small fish and insects as neonates and as they grow may move on to larger prey such as frogs or mice.

Do frogs eat goldfish?

yes, frogs eat goldfish. they also eat insects.

Do tree frogs eat bark?

No. Tree frogs eat insects. All frogs are carnivorous.

What do wild frogs eat?

they eat insects

Do frogs eat human food?

No. Frogs eat only living insects.

What do sheep frogs eat?

Sheep frogs eat mostly what all other frogs eat. The sheep frogs will eat insects such as flies and gnats.

What insects do poison dart frogs eat?

Poison Dart Frogs eat insects like beetles, crickets, and ants

How do insects survive in the garden?

Insects live in the garden, They eat from whatever organic material is in the ground and they will eat from what is growing in the garden.

What insects eat garden worms?

There aren't many insects that eat garden worms. However, ants will eat garden worms that they find around the garden dead.

Do frogs eat algae?

Frogs do eat Algae but frogs prefer to eat insects but if all else fails they eat algae