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Fully comprehensive cover will allow you to drive others peoples cars, with their permission, but only on a thrid party basis, and you have to be over 21.

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Q: What kind of insurance policy can cover a person driving a car that is not theirs?
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If you are not the primary policy holder and someone else drives the car and gets into an accident is it your fault or theirs?

i'd say both you not that much but who wrecked it is the one to put the blame on The insurance is for the car regardless of who is driving. It will be the first to pay. If it doesn't cover enough, the person driving can be tapped for the remainder. If the person driving does not have a license, the owner of the car has to pay out of their own pocket. The insurance company does not have to pay.

If a driver is driving a vehicle that is not theirs and gets a ticket with 2 points does the vehicles owner get a higher insurance payment?


Is a non covered driver on your insurance covered if he is involved in an accident?

You need to read your contract, in most states any legal driver over 25 is covered on any policy and on some policies cover everyone with A valid license. Also if the person is using your insurance to cover damages they caused, You can sue them for costs. The policy is yours not theirs.

Is there a way to get the name and phone number of an insurance Co when all the information you are given in an accident is just the policy number?

Not without calling hundreds or thousands of insurance companies to ask if that policy number is theirs. If you have any information about the other driver, your best bet is to call them to find out who their insurance company is.

What auto insurance companies allow 17 year olds to get their own insurance?

Almost every auto insurance company requires your parents to sign your policy or for you to be listed under theirs. There are no known insurance companies who will insure a 17 year old by themselves.

Is it legal to turn off someone else's car insurance without their knowledge?

There's probably more that you are not telling us in this question. If it's your car insurance, then no, the insurance company will send you a cancellation notice before cancelling your auto insurance. If you illegally have your car on someone else's policy, didn't pay them, and they removed your car from their policy then yes. The only thing is they never should have put your car on their policy but that is as much your fault as theirs. An individual has no requirement to notify you when they decide to make a change on their insurance policy.

What is the basic policy of Berkshire Hathaway?

Berkshire Hathaway is a holding company that owns different insurance companies as well as other various companies, or is a major investor in them. Basically their policy is to make money for But I think you where probably refering to an insurance policy, so it would just depend on which insurance company of theirs you are talking about, and even then they dont have just one standard one.

Person rents a vehicle and denies rental company's insurance drives off without any kind of insurance theirs or personal and hits you If you don't have UM who's liable?

The person who is at fault in the accident is liable for the damages. If they have an insurance policy to pay on their behalf then the at fault person may not have to pay out of their own pocket for the damages. However if the at fault person has no insurance then they are personally responsible for the damage caused. In the case where the at fault person has no coverage and the not-at-fault party did not carry Collision or UMPD coverage then the only option may be to take the at fault party to court and attempt to get them to pay. Good luck.

Can anyone drive your car without their name on the insurance policy?

Sure...BUT if they have a wreck while driving, YOU are still responsible for your end AND if they (your friend) sustain injuries in the wreck they had in your car, YOU are responsible for that as well. If they want to drive your car, it is best that they have their OWN insurance policy so if they do have a wreck, you are covered from all ends. (not in all states and/or insurance policies) Rental companies do the same thing--they make sure you have some kind of insurance--theirs or your own.

Can you get insurance without a driver's license?

theirs no need to because you cant drive so theirs no need to get insurance Depending on the jurisdiction where you live, you can get car insurance in case of fire or theft even though you can't drive it.

What is uninsured vehicle coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage provides insurance coverage when you are hit by a person who has no insurance coverage. You uninsured motorist coverage will take the place of the insurance that the other person did not have and will cover your damages just like theirs should have if they had it. The only difference is that you will have a small deductible for property damage coverage.

Should you report a person that is driving a minor child around with a car that is not theirs with a fake tag no registration and no insurance?

I would say yes but it's a matter for the police in your area as they are probably violating several laws. Most importantly they are endangering the child as well as everyone else on the road.

You are driving a friends car but your car has insurance and his car has his insurance will you be covered?

Your are insured. I just called 3 agents. Progressive, Geico, and all-state. Again, every state is different. In Wisconsin, the insurance follows the car, so if you borrow someone's car, you are borrowing their insurance. This means that if you lend your car to someone, and they have an at-fault accident, your insurance will be primary (theirs is secondary), and it is likely your insurance rates that will be affected!

Can you get insurance for rental car and you don't own a car?

Loaded Question! 1st The rental company will force you to have Insurance or buy theirs. 2nd Check with your credit card company, mine covers rental car Collision and Comprehensive if the rental is paid with the credit card. You may be able to buy insurance through your home policy, But this depends on where you live and what insurance company.

If your tree damages the neighbors house whose insurance covers it yours or theirs?

You should run the claim through your insurance first. The neighbor or their insurance company can come after you for damages.

Gas smell while driving?

Find the leak, and fix it. theirs no leakge bra.

If you let someone borrow your car and they crash who is responsible for the crash?

In most states, if you let someone borrow your vehicle and they end up crashing it, YOU are responsible for the crash, not the person driving it. Why? Because the vehicle is registered under YOUR name. If you have insurance (and hopefully you do) then your insurance has YOUR car information on it, not the driver's. If you don't, you are found at charge legally because you don't have insurance and that's committing a crime. You will be held responsible especially if they are not on your insurance policy. Car insurance covers the vehicle NOT the driver. You can get upset, but only get upset with yourself because you lent your car to someone that is not included as a driver in your insurance. Be careful and this goes with anyone borrowing your vehicle because in the end, you are liable because that's your insurance and car, not theirs. And please file the claim even if you weren't the one operating the vehicle. You can try to sue the person that drove your car, but most likely, you will not win the case depending on the state you live in. If you lie to your insurance company, that's a fraud so if you don't want to do the time, don't commit that crime. Take what your insurance gives you and learn from this mistake.

Do you need to pay for car insurance if you are just using your parents car or does theirs cover you?

You would have to be added to your parents policy as a driver, and you will be subject to premium increases if you are a younger driver because insurance trends show younger drivers to be a higher risk than others. Sean IL Licensed Ins Producer

Which of these pronouns is third person plural who they theirs that?

Both "they" and "theirs" are third person plural. The pronoun "they" is a personal pronoun, which functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause. The corresponding third person, objective form is "them". The pronoun "theirs" is a possessive pronoun, which takes the place of a noun belonging to two or more people or things.

Can you get a driver license and not have a car?

Yes, although you will need to have use of a car to take the road test. Driving schools will normally allow you to use theirs. You can also get or renew a D.L. with no insurance if you don't own a vehicle, also if you do own one.

How do you obtain auto insurance to get a driver's license?

Ask around and get different quotes from insurance companies. Whichever you feel is best for you, sign up. Start with to see other insurance rates as well as theirs.

Can a bank add insurance to a loan?

Yes. If you do not have insurance on a car or house that is used as collateral for a loan the lending institution can take out insurance and charge you for it. The insurance THEY use will be far more expensive than what you can purchase privately, and will not protect YOUR interests, only theirs.

Should you buy life insurance from your children?

If your children sell life assurance, and you want some, and theirs is the best for you, then do it.

A person who thinks theirs always something medical wrong with them?


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