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He should have a commerical liability policy that covers his subcontractor or the subcontractors should carry their own policies, ask if he requires them to cover themselves (more than likley) does he require them to show him proof of coverage.

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Q: What kind of insurance should I require of a one man operation builder who uses all subcontractors in the state of South Carolina?
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Who is required to carry builder risk insurance in Anchorage, AK?

Officer for IndyMac is required to carry builder risk insurance in Anchorage,they help to get the Builder's Risk policy also known as builder risk insurance to show those coverages required.

Does home insurance cover if keys are left with a builder?

No, Homeowners insurance does not cover the cost of lost keys.

What log home manufacurers are located in South Carolina?

Aiken Log Homes is a South Carolina-based log builder.

Can neighbor sue you for accidental fire damage caused by your builder?

Anyone can sue any one for most any reason. Being able to collect is a different story. If you higher a builder you should make sure that they carry Liability insurance and that the property owner is named as an Additional Insured on the builder's policy. That way, if you are sued for the act of your builder their insurance would protect you and then your insurance, if any, if you are held responsible and will provide protection if the builder does not have sufficient protection.

What kind of Liability insurance is needed for owner builder construction project?

Very local answer from a former owner builder. I was advised to take out general public liability insurance, construction insurance and with all contractors who entered and worked on the site, I demanded they produce their own valid liability insurance documents. If I employed a labourer I needed work cover (compensation) insurance.

What qualifications do you need to be a builder?

In order to be a builder one needs to have done an apprenticeship, one should also have a certificate, and license. These, along with insurance, are all qualifications that one should look for when hiring a builder

Where can find an insurance consultant in Barrie Ontario?

There are several online websites that one is able to go to find an insurance consultant in Barrie, Ontario such as the following websites: Financial and Insurance Consultants, and Insurance Website Builder.

Where can you get Get course of construction liability insurance as a builder owner Self contracting in the state of Arizona?

Can you sue your home builder for negligence?

Hi. Before counting on law suit, I suggest that you contact an attorney and discuss your complaints with them. Negligence would be building the home out of code in regard to health and safety. Such negligence would be found in a home inspection. It really depends on the details of your complaint. Who is at fault? The general home builder or subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, etc. It is good to get everything together before you seek to sue your home builder. Some things can be settled by simply talking to your home builder and expressing your discontent.

What services offer an insurance search engine?

Marketing service offers an insurance engine. One can find more information about insurance engine from websites like Insurance Website Builder, Start Up Selling and many more.

What is the importance of BIM in construction?

BIM - (Building Information Modelling) helps the builder from the designing stage up to the achievement of the project. It allows the managers to share important models with subcontractors to assure smooth design and pre-construction operations.

Does a homeowners insurance covers workmanship defects?

Homeowner insurance doe snot cover quality of workmanship provided by your builder. The builder would have his own Commercial policy to cover the contractors work. Most homeowners also purchase a Home Warranty for this type of loss.

What does builders liability insurance cover?

Builders liability insurance protects builders from laws suits. If damage happens while the builder is working on a home it protects him should the homeowner decide to sue. It also protects the builder in the event an employee should injure themselves and decide to sue.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbor's property caused by construction on your property?

Actually, This is covered under your Contractors General Liability Insurance. If your contracting builder does not have insurance, you need to get rid of him, and find another contractor immediately.

Will homeowners insurance cover damaged the foundation settling caused by drought?

No. Movement of earth is specifically excluded by homeowners insurance. This is the fault of the builder for not compacting the earth properly and providing the proper foundation. Home insurance was not made to cover such.

Do you need title insurance if you are building a home?

Yes, you would want to be covered in the case there was an issue with the the builder and something was missed.

What is the roman name for builder?

The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.The Latin word for builder is "aedificator" . The word "structor" can also be used for a builder.

Where can one find jobs in North Carolina?

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Will homeowners insurance repair structural issues due to a poor builder?

No. Specific exclusions apply to faulty construction, workmanship, renovations, ect. //

Where can you get a builders risk insurance on your home?

Allstate...State Farm..all most any insurance company that writes homeowners will do Builders risk for builders...but if you are not a builder..they will only do a "renters dwelling" policy until you move in.

What is the Hebrew word for builder?

A male builder = boneh (בונה) a female builder = bonah (בונה)

If you are building a pool in Southern California what's the best way to find subcontractors for each of the steps such as plumber electrician gunite and excavator?

No matter where you are you should only have to look for the Pool Builder, When you find a reputable company they will have a list of contractors that work with them or for them for all your needs Kenny Kummer brody chemical

Is there a builder that has build a brick house in Beaufort County South Carolina that was Under twohundred thousand dollars?

Google Beaufort County, S.C. real estate/new construction ..... and see what's available. There are no brick builders that build a home under 200k - are you a realtor or builder?

What is a Builder?

a builder is a person that is building something

What part of speech is builder?

Builder is a noun.