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What kind of insurance should you have if you are starting your own child care center?


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For a daycare, whether it be at a rented location or in home, you need to have general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance for employees, and possibly an accident policy to cover the children should small medical issues/claims arise from your daycare operation.

Transporting the childern would bring significant additional risk so is best to avoid if possible.

At home daycares are more difficult to insure than a facility specifically built for daycare and 100% childproofed.

In California, insurance for a start up daycare facility with two employees is likely to cost over $10k for the whole package (Gl and work comp)


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To become licensed child care center, you are required to have commercial liability insurance. However if becoming licensed is not your goal, commercial liability insurance is not necessary. You should consider increase your home owners insurance to protect you in the event of accident. Most insurance companies will provide you additional coverage for people wanting to do a start a home based day care.

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You should carry insurance on your children until they are old enough to get insurance on their own. This is usually when your child graduates college. As long as your child is a full-time student and one of your dependents, then you should be able to carry insurance on them.

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If you can show your insurance co. that your child lives on their own AND has their own car insurance, you should be able to get your child OFF of your policy

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A child should have their own savings account starting at a young age.

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This is specific to insurance companies, and the type of insurance. Auto insurance, forever Life insurance, forever health insurance, as long as the child is a dependent and under 21, 23 if attending school (NOTE: these are general and you should consult the specific insurer to confirm)

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