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For a daycare, whether it be at a rented location or in home, you need to have general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance for employees, and possibly an accident policy to cover the children should small medical issues/claims arise from your daycare operation.

Transporting the childern would bring significant additional risk so is best to avoid if possible.

At home daycares are more difficult to insure than a facility specifically built for daycare and 100% childproofed.

In California, insurance for a start up daycare facility with two employees is likely to cost over $10k for the whole package (Gl and work comp)

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Q: What kind of insurance should you have if you are starting your own child care center?
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Does a home based child care center need commercial liability insurance?

To become licensed child care center, you are required to have commercial liability insurance. However if becoming licensed is not your goal, commercial liability insurance is not necessary. You should consider increase your home owners insurance to protect you in the event of accident. Most insurance companies will provide you additional coverage for people wanting to do a start a home based day care.

How long should you carry insurance to protect your children?

You should carry insurance on your children until they are old enough to get insurance on their own. This is usually when your child graduates college. As long as your child is a full-time student and one of your dependents, then you should be able to carry insurance on them.

If your child moved out of the house at 18 why can't you take him off your auto insurance?

If you can show your insurance co. that your child lives on their own AND has their own car insurance, you should be able to get your child OFF of your policy

A child should have their own savings account starting at a young age. ?

A child should have their own savings account starting at a young age.

Should a child be taken out of a child care center if another child has hepatitis B?


How long can you insure a child?

This is specific to insurance companies, and the type of insurance. Auto insurance, forever Life insurance, forever health insurance, as long as the child is a dependent and under 21, 23 if attending school (NOTE: these are general and you should consult the specific insurer to confirm)

How much should child insurance for child?

It depends on what you want your child to become. If you want the child to have a professional education like engineering or doctor your insurance amount would run in lakhs. Try to save up a decent sum for your child through insurance so that he/she can concentrate on studies instead of sustaining themselves. Ex: 10 lakhs or more should be good enough for one child to finish education at the current cost of living.

Is policy holder health insurance automatic guarantor of step child?

In medical insurance, the policy holder of the policy is not automatically the guarantor of a step child. To become the guarantor of the child a formal adoption should have taken place, or the child can be added to the policy.

How much child life insurance should I have on my children?

This should depend largely on the age of your children. If they are of young age, they are relatively safe and only minimum life insurance is required. If they are at work age, insurance should be proportionally larger, around $2000 could give you a good life insurance.

Should you add a child to your auto insurance policy?

Not necessary- you only add/exclude drivers

How do you get forms for your medical insurance to add a child to your insurance?

Call your insurance company and ask them for the forms you need or what the procedure is to add a child to your coverage.

Does your child support cover insurance co payments?

Your child support should be a set number of dollars every month for you child or children. this is to be used for all needs of the child. food, medical, recreation.

Do I have to pay child support and have insurance on the child?

All states have child support guidelines that are based on several factors that include who provides the medical insurance. You should inquire at the court with jurisdiction, or perform an internet search for the guidelines for your state, to determine if your child support amount is up to date according to the guidelines.

How much is liability insurance for a child care center?

There is no way to answer this, rating is dependent on too many factors, contact an agent or agents in your area and get quotes.

When should I buy my child new shoes?

You should but new shoes before the rubber soles starting to smooth or when you feel your child needs more foot space.

What happens if a child care provider is accused of hitting a child in His or Her care child and if found not guilty can He or She return working in a child care environment.?

If a child care provider is accused of hitting a child in his or her care, the situation should be investigated. The director of the center should speak with both the child and worker separately. Also the child care worker, should be placed on suspension until the incident is completely investigated. If no other complaints from children or parents, then they should return back to work. The center should still keep an eye open on the worker. If another incident like this has come up again, then fired immediately.

Do you have to add your child to your car insurance if your child moves out of state for college?

As long as your child does not have a vehicle with them ever when at school the many insurance companies allow for a large discount due to the fact that the child is not a regular driver. They are still a member of your household and should be on your policy in case they drive when at home or may drive when at home.

Your spouse and you are with different insurance companies Is there any rules governing which insurance your child should be with mine or my spouse's?

I'd compare coverage and rates and see what is the most advantages for you.

Should you buy Gerber life insurance for your child?

it depends on if you want to. What gerber does is that it helps your child/children when they are older, but only when you have passed away (the parents or parent)

Do you have to get insurance on your child if they are living with their mother?

Your child can be covered under both your & the mother's insurance even if he/she doesn't live with you.

If you only carry liability insurance on a vehicle can you let your child drive it if they do not live with you?

All drivers should be listed on your policy to be a covered driver. you should add your child to your auto policy for proper coverage.

When to get car insurance for new child driver?

Check with your Insurance Agent/Company to be specific. Definately as soon as they receive their license. At the very least, the insurance company should be aware of the new driver as soon as they get their permit.

Is it legal for an urgent care center to refuse treatment to a child because the parent cannot pay the copay for the insurance?

only if that child isn't dying on the spot no and usualy they can have a plan for poor people or they can work something out

Is a spouse entitled to part of life insurance benefits even if child is named as beneficiary?

The policy is paid to the beneficiary. It should be placed in trust for the child if the child is a minor. If the child is an adult, the proceeds will be sent to the named beneficiary.

Where could one purchase medical insurance for a child?

Where you can purchase medical insurance for a child depends on where you are located. For example, You can purchase medical insurance for a child from providers such as CHPlus and Family Health Plus in New York.