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Not trying to be a wise one here, but unless your associate degree is in a vocation that takes a relatively high degree of skill, such as welding, an associate's degree is a mere shoe-in to telemarketing or department store work. I know at least a half-dozen folks with bachelor's degrees in marketing who can't find "professional" jobs, simply because marketing degrees are quite easy to earn. They have as much value as Anthropology degrees or sociology degrees, which is to say, "Not much." That's not to say that the degrees are useless. It takes some amount of discipline and initiative to complete any course of degree study, but supply is high in relatively easy degree fields and low in relatively more difficult degree fields. Go here: and use the salary wizrd to search for "marketing" salaries in your (or nearby or target) ZIP codes. skh.pcola

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Q: What kind of job can you get with an associate degree in human resources management?
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How much do human services management make yearly?

what kinds of jobs can you get with associate of arts degree in human management

Can you get into law school with a human resource management degree?

Yes, a human resources management degree will work. The schools don't really care what your degree is in.

WHAT IS aab?

The abbreviation for an Associate of Applied Business is AAB. An AAB degree provides graduates with a general business education, typically with a area concentration, such as Human Resources, Management, or Marketing.

What kind of job can i get with a associate's degree in human resources management?

Human Resorces Department within an organisation

What types of jobs in Human Resources need a degree?

There are many types of jobs in Human Resources that require a degree. Some examples are Accounting/Bookkeeping, Administrative Assistant and Employee Management.

I want to have a career in human resources, what sort of training or degree would I need?

If you are looking for a career in human resources, I would suggest taking a degree in Office management. Then you can work in a various offices as a manager where you can get into human resources and become a manager.

What degree is needed for a job in human resources?

There are probably more, or less too, but a degree in business management, sociology, or public relations would certainly help land a job in human resources.

What type of jobs can you get with a communication degree?

ManagementHuman ResourcesTrainingPublic RelationsPublications ManagementCustomer Service

What qualifications does one need to be a human resources manager?

To become a manager in a Human Resources department, one typically needs a degree, diploma, or certificate in a field related to the management of human resources, or work experience in a related field such as commerce, industrial labor management or business management, in addition to the previous qualifications mentioned.

What degrees are recommended when applying for work in the Human Resources field?

Although degree programs are available in Human Resources, there are no specific requirements for human resources professionals to hold this degree or have special certifications in the field. Other degrees that can apply to human resources positions are business management, communication, and sometimes even general liberal arts degrees.

Which is higher bachelor or an associate's degree with human resource management?

An associate degree is a two-year entry-level degree, a bachelor's degree is a four-year university or college degree, thus the bachelor's degree would be considered 'higher'.

What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management?

Human Resources person, Director of relations, CEO, VP of affairs

What is the difference between Human Resource Management and Human Resources Management?

There is no difference

What is the importance on training and development needed in Human Resources Management?

The importance of training and development in Human Resources Management involves proper management of personnel.

Human resources management?

There are many places where you can learn about Human Resources and their management. You could ask people in those positions.

What is the relationship between human resources management and material resources management?

the relationship between human resource and material resource

Does University of Phoenix offer any degrees in Human Resource Management?

University of Phoenix offers a Master of Management program with a concentration in Human Resources Management. They also offer a Graduate Human Resources Management Certificate Program. They also have a Bachelor of Science in Business that has concentration in Human Resources Management.

What further education follows from first degree in Human Resources Degree?

Once you obtain your degree in Human Resources it is highly recommended as with any program that you continue your degree to at least the Master's degree area. I would suggest an area similar to the Human Resources area.

What kind of education is required to purse a career in HR management?

To pursue a career in HR management, it is a good idea to get a university degree in Human Resources. There are also several certifications that many workplaces look for, such as CHRP, which gives you the designation of Certified Human Resources Professional. Some colleges also offer human resources degrees.

What kind of job can you get with a Technical Management degree?

A graduate with a bachelor's degree in technical management has many choices of jobs including project management, health information management, accounting, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, e-commerce, finance, human resources management, operations and security management, or law enforcement.

2 groups of resources of home management?

-physical resources -Human resources

How many human resource management be defined?

Managing Human Resources: Personnel Management in Transition,

Can I get a human resources degree online?

Yes, there are many great schools online that offer a degree in human resources. Things to consider are your budget and timeline for achieving your degree.

What are the key result areas of Human Resources Management?

performance management

What does human resources management do?

motovate employees