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What kind of jobs can you get with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology?

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It seems that this question is most easily answered by the word "teaching". Im no authority on the subject, nor have i studied theology although that is my plan in the near future. It seems that if you dont want to enter the paid ministry you can sure go into another line of work that will accept a degree in whatever as evidence you have intellect (which is what degree's mainly prove). Otherwise getting a masters in theology, then going on to teaching at high school or even university (I'd prefer the high school) is the most likely oppurtunity you will have. As i said im no authority on the subject and this is just specualtion from what i'v heard just to get this forum started.

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Is theology a common degree and what kind of jobs can one expect from a degree in theology?

Theology is not that popular a degree for a wide variety of reasons. For one, you cannot really find well-paying job after college if you major in theology unfortunately.

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You can apply your bachelors degree in many ways. ?æIn regards to youth ministry, you can teach art classes for troubled youth through your church.

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What kind of jobs are availabe for a person with a bachelor degree in Healthcare Administration?

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what kind of job can i get with a applied science degree?

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What jobs are available if you have an associates degree in accounting?

It depends on what kind of accounting job that you want. You can get an associates degree in Accounting ( two years of education)... or you can get a bachelors degree (four years), masters degree (six years)... so on and so forth... the more education, the more money you will make.

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What kind of degree do you have to have for nursing?

The minimum degree needed to be a registered nurse is an associates degree in nursing. But recently employers are requiring their employees to have a bachelors degree in nursing.