What kind of junk food has nutrition in it?

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Usually junk food is refined and alot of the nutrients are stripped from those foods.Those foods should be eaten as treats or in moderation as they tend to lack the types or natural nutrients the body benefits from.Such as Vegetables,protein,wholegrains and fruits at the same time fruits should be your natural source of sugar they should also be eaten in moderation.
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What kinds of foods should you eat in exchange for a junk food diet?

You should eat the "common" healthy stuff: fruits and veggies! Instead of eating chips while watching TV, maybe you could eat carrot sticks or something like that. Popcorn, i hear, ISN'T junk (as long as it's not covered in butter and salt). The popcorn itself is healthy, so you can eat that too. Oa ( Full Answer )

What does junk food do to you?

Unhealthy/junk food, can give you . heart disease . liver failure . weight gain . lack of energy . lack of concentration . and diabetes

What is junk food?

Anything that is highly processed, contains large amounts of fat or is cooked in hot fat, has lots of sugar, is low on fiber, has additives and preservatives, or comes in a jar, box, or can. In other words, most of the food we eat. Un healthy foods that are high in calories and are bad for you

How much more expensive is nutritional food that junk food?

First of all, junkfood is MORE expensive than nutritional food. Why go spend $30 or more on junk food that is not good for you when you can spend a maximum of $15 buying fruits or vegies that will help you learn and grow. Youll save an extra $15 every time, So Think Healthy!!!!

What are the Nutrition facts about junk food?

I think junk is good in some ways like the way that it helps kids stay awake throughout the day but in some ways it is not so good because it can cause fatness and obesity!!!!!!

What type of foods are junk foods?

Junk food is food with a lot of fat or sugar, or both; chips or other fried foods. Junk food is not good for your body; it's either fattening or it can make you really sick however, you should also be kept in mind that not all non junk foods are healthy

What is junk foods?

Junk foods are foods that have very little or no nutritional value. They usually contain high amounts of sugar. Some examples are potato chips, cupcakes, pies, soft drinks, cookies, etc.

What is in junk food?

iet and lifestyle are the major factors leading to many diseases.Wrong eating habits, junk food, drug abuse, tobacco smoking andalcohol drinking as well as lack of exercise may increase the riskof developing certain diseases, especially later in life. "Junk food" is a term used for the food that is ( Full Answer )

Why do people consume junk food?

Because they are made with large amounts of ingredients that humans are hard-wired to desire: Fat, sugar and salt.. people eat junk food , mainly because it tastes good, and is easy to get. the other big reason is people do not cook anymore or are just to lazy to make the time to cook a good and pr ( Full Answer )

Is junk food good for us?

well, some are. , popcorn, and sunflower seeds. ma-by pie is good for you cause of the fruit. some junk food that are bad is like, doughnuts, cake, cotton candy (pure sugar) ,brownies and, cheesy chips like, Doritos or Frito's.

How does junk food harm your body?

junk food can be catigorised ad "saturated Fat" because that is litraly all it is, fat and sugar. as fat builds up in your body you are prone to start developing illneses if it goes over the top, too much fat can give you a heart attak - but it takes a lot to get to this stage.

What is food and nutrition?

For humans food is anything that can be eaten for nutrition or sustinence. Nutrition refers to the quality of food. Nutrition measures vital ingredients in food that humans require to function. Food is the things that a living thing consumes to remain alive.And nutrition is the benefit we get from ( Full Answer )

What kinds of junk food can you eat to gain weight?

Eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's "Peach Cobbler" ice cream will let you gain 3 pounds in one day. Also, eating Cup Noodles, and Ramen Noodles twice a day will make the weight gain come quickly. If you have access to a kitchen, I would suggest making the frosting recipe on the back of the Domino' ( Full Answer )

Does junk food have any nutritional value?

It basically depends on what kind of junk food you are having. Every item of food that we eat contains some nutritional value, but the fact is that junk foods contain more harmful things than beneficial ones. Therefore they are mostly avoided.

What are the junk foods?

Any foods which has bad nutritional worth is regarded unhealthyand might be known as junk foods. Junk foods are usually preparedto consume comfort meals containing higher levels of saturatedfats, salt, or sugar; and small or no fruit, veggies, or dietarybreakneck food is simple to carry, buy and con ( Full Answer )

Food adulteration in junk food?

Adulteration of honey from C4 sugar can can occur by blatant addition of cane sugar or corn syrup to honey (called stretching), or by poor beekeeping practises where beekeepers collect honey generated by bees which continue to be sugar fed during the nectar flow. Honey with carbon isotope values les ( Full Answer )

What kind of foods require a nutrition facts label?

Answer: . The US Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires most packaged foods bear nutrition labeling unless they qualify for an exemption.. Nutrition labeling is not required for raw produce (fruits and vegetables) and fish -- such products are referred to as "conventional" foods.. Th ( Full Answer )

What is does junk food do to you?

Unlike protein, dairy, fruits, and veggies, junk food has no value. It might fill you up for maybe an hour, but then your body stores it as fat. Some people eat too much junk food and they become unhealthy. They might be headed towards some cancers. Obesity is a sickness you get when you eat too muc ( Full Answer )

What kind of ingredients junk food have?

Here is a list of 'red flag ingredients': . sugar . high fructose corn syrup (worst) . enriched white flour . partially hydrogenated oil . saturated fat (4-legged animal fat or lard)

What kind of food do you need for nutrition?

you can eat alot of peanut butter if you do not eat meat.or you can eat eggs or alot of breads.theses are alot of good foods to eat if you are a vegatarion:)

What food is junk food?

Any type of food that has high oil content in it (deep fried), highon calories and is low in nutritional value such as fries, pizza,burgers, pastries, ice creams etc.

What food is junk food and what food is not junk food?

Junk food is food that has little or no nutritional value. It is high in sugar, salt, fat and calories. It's typically in the form of packaged snacks, needs little or no preparation, and can cause you to overeat. It contain little protein, vitamins or minerals. Junk food is very appealing but of ver ( Full Answer )

Why are junk foods considered junk?

A junk-food diet typically features a high proportion of processed and fried foods, refined sugars and cereals, processed meat, candy and chocolate and high-fatdairy products. Junk food is known as such because its nutritional value is typically outweighed by the dangers it poses to your overall hea ( Full Answer )

How should I punctuate this sentence First of all unhealthy food especially eating foods that are high in fat sugar and calories or in other words junk food has a low nutritional value?

"First of all, unhealthy food-especially foods that are high in fat, sugar and calories (i.e junk food)- have a low nutritional value. " or you could save yourself the redundancy by saying "Foods that are high in fat, sugar and calorie content, are unhealthy." Unhealthy usually means low nutri ( Full Answer )

Why kids like junk food?

kids hav a typical mentality dat when they see vegeatbles in therir food(especially grn vegetables) they wouldn't like it. from the look of it they start hating it. but in fast food they see loads of cheese and other seductive matrials so they just love it.

Can certain junk foods be healthy?

We have to understand that there is a difference between JUNK FOOD and FAST FOOD. Junk food is that, junk ! Fast food on the other hand is not always unhealthy but you will know the difference after you had it. Compare a burger to a nice healthy chicken salad. Remember though, any food that contains ( Full Answer )

Can junk food be part of a diet?

Kinda-sorta. One meal every now and then is unlikely to lead to anylasting damage. On the other hand, it's not very likely that yourbody will thank you for a junk food meal.

What kind of junk food gets you fat?

Foods That Will Get You Fat Foods that are high in corn syrup are known to cause obesity. Some specific foods that will cause weight-gain are: Potato chips Cookies Candy Cakes Pies (high sugar content)

What is a junk food fanatic?

A person who only likes to eat foods that are quick and easy and void of anything healthy. They will consume many calories, chemicals, preservatives, and sugar. Their bodies will not get the vitamins and protein needed for health and proper growth.

Can your hamster eat cheese puffs or any kind of junk food?

no it can not! In their natural habitat hamsters eat a range of grasses, wind-blown seeds and grain. Hamsters are often mistaken as herbivores, but they are omnivores and do need protein in their diet to keep them healthy. Left alone in the wild, they will find grubs and insects to supplement their ( Full Answer )

What kinds of junk food are there?

the kind of food that is not junk food is the food that dont contain that much sugar. candy and sweets are types of junk food. apples broccli carrots and more fruits and veges are healthy. Junk food- burger,chips,hot dogs,pizzas,etc,... .

What kind of food that is not junk food?

the kind of food that is not junk food is the food that dont contain that much sugar. candy and sweets are types of junk food. apples broccli carrots and more fruits and veges are healthy. so try to eat healthy and try not to eat that much junk. :)

What food are junk?

Food that is unhealthy is junk food like potato chips, ice cream, candy, cake and many more.

Why do you have junk food?

why do we eat junk food? because it an addiction of good sweet or salty foods that you cannot stop eating so if you start then you cannot stop so don't start it will make you blow up and that means make you fat or bigger than you are already are

Is pringles a kind of junk food?

On which aisle of the grocery store do you find Pringles shelved: the healthfood aisle or the potato chips and snacks aisle? If it's on the latter aisle, it's junk food...

How do you get nutrition food?

Nutrition food is important because it is even used as medicine and are better then junk food as well.

Is Chinease food junk food?

Not always, but like any food can, it certainly can be. For instance, if it is deep fried it will be bad for you. (Junk food)

What kind of food products does oh yeah nutrition offer?

Oh Yeah! Nutrition offers a wide assortment of nutritional supplements and food items. Oh Yeah! carries trail mix, shakes, nutrition bars, Total Mass System and Total Protein System. All of their food and supplements come in a variety of flavors.

What makes food junk food?

Food is junk food when it is of low nutritional or health value Related Information: A lot of sugar is one thing. Deep fried is another. Covered in grease is bad (unless you remove the grease by some means like a napkin). Food colorings and dyes make food bad for you. Chemicals like High Fruct ( Full Answer )

What kinds of junk food should you not eat?

Junk food is a term to describe any food that doesn't have much of a nutritional benefit, such as chips, candy canes, chocolate, ice cream, crackers and more. While OK in moderate amounts, excessive intake of these foods should be limited as they have negative impacts on your digestive system, skin, ( Full Answer )

Which foods are included in junk food?

Heavily processed foods are junk food. If it comes in a bag or a box, its junk food. If it doesnt grow in the ground or on an animal, its junk food.

Is Wendy's food junk food?

That's an opinion question, many fast food outlets are trying tomarket themselves as healthy and although it is not as bad aseating twinkies or doughnuts, all fast food is garbage.