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They had to build roads, cut soldiers hair, and dig bombshells.

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What medical experiments were performed on the prisoners in the concentration camps?

See the answer on "What kind of medical expirements were performed on the prisoners in the concentration camps"

What kind of camps did Hitler?

labor and concentration camps

What were the concentration camps known for?

Concentration Camps Were Widely Known For Exterminating Jewish Kind And Prisoners of War. Used in WWII By Nazis.

What kind of jobs did the people have to do in concentration camps?

Manual labor and unskilled work.

Where did the prisoners from the holocaust die?

They died in the Nazi Concentration camps, death marches between camps or general didn't survive when escaped. Most deaths occurred at the Nazi Concentration camps. There are differnet kinds of camps:Concentration, Death, Extermination, Transition and Labor camps. Each kind of camps has got it's own purpose such as holding people or killing them in mass numbers.

What kind of medical experiments were carried out on prisoners in concentration camps during the holocaust?

further plague research, tuberculosis, pneumonia and common cold

What kind of diseases where spreading in the concentration camps?

Dysentery, and Typhus were two huge diseases in the camps. Typhus was also the reason they shaved the hair off the prisoners, to stop Typhus from spreading to others.

What kind of work did Jews do in concentration camps?

The Jewish prisoners performed whatever kind of forced labor their Nazi captors demanded. The work was menial and often difficult. It was meant to be humiliating and to wear down the prisoners, most of whom were being starved while expected to work outside in the extreme heat or extreme cold. Jewish prisoners were beaten if they did not dig trenches fast enough or lift enough heavy objects.

What kind of games did kids during the Holocaust play in concentration camps?

None, the kids in the concentration camps starved to death

How many camps are there?

You need to specify the kind of camps: Boy Scout camps, summer camps, military training camps, concentration camps.

What kind of food was in concentration camps?

bad foodd

When Hitler was a dictator what kind of camps were the Jews sent to?

Extermination camps (killing centres).Concentration camps (harsh forced labour camps, where the inmates were generally worked to death).Combined extermation and concentration camps.

What kind of camps did Hitler establish to send the 'undesirables' to?

They were sent to concentration camps ...

What did Nazis force Jews into and what kind of camp?

Well, theres labor camps, execution camps, transit camps.

What kind of thing did they do to people in concentration camps?

bad things

What kind of people were mostly placed in concentration camps?


What kind of camps did they have during the Holocaust?

* Transit camps, where prisoners were held till they were moved to other kinds of camps. * Concentration Camps, Grade I - for example, Dachau. * Concentration Camps, Grade II - for example, Buchenwald. (These were harsher than Grade I camps and there was less food than at Grade I camps). * Concentration Camps, Grade III - for example, Auschwitz I and III. (Harsher and with less food than in Grade II camps - very high death rates). * Extermination camps - most of Auschwitz II (Birkenau), Treblinka II, Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor, Maly Trostenets and one section of Majdanek. These camps were designed as killing centres and nothing else. In addition, there were also concentration camps for 'difficult children' (!) aged 12+ and later even 2+ ...

What kind of work did the Jewish people do in the concentration camps?

They dug soil

What kind of work was common for kids in concentration camps?

Making ammunition

Who stopped the concentration camps?

They aren't the same because the Nazi Concentration Camp is a specific Concentration Camp. Concentration Camp could be any kind of concentration camp

What kind of shoes did the Jews wear in the concentration camps?

They did not wear any shoes

What kind of gas was used to kill Jews in the concentration camps?

Zyklon B.

What kind of jobs did people in the concentration camps have to do?

In the concentration camps they had jobs like sewing uniforms, farming, also things like digging ditches for the dead bodies or throwing them in them.

What kind of labor was done at concentration camps?

There was Beating,whipping,strangling,and acid showers and some had to take a shower and then digged until the Nazi behind them would shoot them in the back of the head.

What kind of jobs did prisoners do at Auschwitz concentration camp?

Cleaning up making things