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What kind of land features does Michigan have?

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Michigan has quite a number of physical features including valleys and woods. One can also notice plains and mountain ranges while in the region.

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What kind of land features are on Saturn?

Saturn has no land features. It is completely made of gas.

What kind of land features does Kenya have?


What are political features of Michigan?

The political features of Michigan are butts and pepees

Which state is made up of two peninsulas?

The state in the United States with two peninsulas is Michigan.Michigan.

What are the land features of Michigan?

Michigan's land features are best described as the natural features of the Earth's surface. These include the five Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Lake Superior; Sand Dunes, Rolling Hills, over 7000 inland lakes streams and rivers, sandy and stone covered beaches, and heavily forested areas.

How many acres of land does the state of Michigan have?

Michigan has 36,184,896 acres of land.

What kind of natural features does Jamaica have?

The geograohy that Jamaica has are grass land, tropical forest.

What are Guatemala's land features?

what land features does Guatemala have

What are major land features of Indonesia?

what are the land features of Indonesia

What land features are on venus?

the land features are volcanoes and craters.

What are individual features of land called?

Land features, such as rivers, plateaus, hills, are simply called land features.

What is the haida environment like?

Well the land looks like it does in upper Michigan Well the land looks like it does in upper Michigan Well the land looks like it does in upper Michigan

What are special geographic features of Detroit Michigan?

It is on the Detroit River that separates Michigan from Canada.

What kind of land features does New York have?

# flat platoes, water falls, sea water, and mountans

What are some natural features in Michigan?


Do mountains count as land features?

Yes, they are the features of our beautiful land! :D

What is two unusual land features in Pennsylvania?

two unusual land features in pennsylvania are two land features that are unusual or in other words deformed

What is Michigan university surrounded by?

Michigan is surronded by waters land hill valleys land scapes and lots of people

What are some important physical features in Michigan?

An important physical feature are the great lakes of Michigan.

What are some of land features in Libya?

the land features in libya are dry grasslands and deserts.

What are the physical land features of Texas?

land type physical features of Texas is the features of other things such as the Ohio River

Where are the physical features in Michigan?

it is in the central portion of the midwest

What are the two land masses of Michigan called?

They are Lower Michigan and Upper Michigan. Upper Michigan is also known as the Upper Peninsula.

Is michigan bigger than florida?

Michigan is bigger than Florida. Michigan has a land area of 96716 square miles. Florida has a land area of 65755 square miles.

What type of map shows land and water features?

a map that shows land features and water features is called a physical map

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