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Q: What kind of leaves does a oak tree have?
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What kind of leaf does the bur oak have?

well since the tree is called oak tree i thunk that it has oak leaves

What do oak tree leaves eat?

Oak tree leaves do not eat.

What part of the oak tree do caterpillars eat?

Yes, they do eat Oak tree, but only the leaves of the oak tree. Caterpillars eat leaves therefore they must eat leaves off the oak tree. :)

Where can you find oak tree leaves?


What animal eats oak tree leaves?

Squirrels, badgers, and hedgehogs eat oak tree leaves.

If an oak tree does not lose its leaves in winter is it dead?

No. An oak tree will lose leaves if it is dead (deterioration of the leaves typically are the first indication that a tree is sick or dying).

How many leaves are on an average oak tree?

how many leaves are on an average oak tree? may be about half a millon?

Why are leaves of an oak tree not a good sample of normal oak leaves?


What kind of leaves does an oak tree have?

Oaks Trees have spirally arranged leaves, with a lobed margin in many species; some have serrated leaves or entire leaves with a smooth margin.

Do oak leaves get larger as the tree grows?

technically, oak leaves generate to their own size a soon as a tree produces enough energy for it to grow the leaves grow how big of the energy that's inside them and it stick on too a oak tree and stay the same length. so no an oak tree leaf stays the same.

What leaves does an oak tree have?

I may not understand the question and I don't think it has anything to do with technology but oak trees have oak leaves.

What type leafs do oak trees have?

oak tree leaves

How do bur oak tree leaves feel?

they feel soft because i have and oak tree in my backyard ?

How do you tell the difference between an oak tree and a maple tree?

the Leaves; Oak is rounded and Maple is Jagged

Why do the green leaves fall off of your oak trees in the summer?

Leaves of an oak tree fall off during summer because the oak tree is trying to save the water and minerals of the tree. i.e. the tree is trying to reduce the amount of transpiration which takes place through heavy sunlight. So by getting rid of leaves the amount of transpiration reduces and the oak tree won't die.

What are the different leaves?

There are all types of leaves big or small and different shapes, there are oak tree leaves firn tree leaves and more

What is the difference between fir tree and a oak tree?

A fir tree stays green all year while the oak tree loses it leaves in the fall.

Does it hurt the oak tree if leaves are put under the tree?


The difference between a oak tree to a maple tree?

oak trees have long leaves which are thin. Maple leaves are wide and short.for more info visit

Can rabbits eat oak tree leaves?


What color is an oak trees leaves in the winter?

is the oak tree keep color in winter

What do the the leaves on an oak tree do?

Photosynthisize just Like any other tree

In comparing an oak tree with a maple tree you can correctly say that?

The maple tree leaves are larger.

Why does your oak tree have leaves on it in the winter?

If the leaves are green, it may be Quercus ilex the evergreen oak. If the leaves are dead, that is merely a quirk of many oak tress that do not drop all their dead leaves until the new leaves start in the spring.

What do female owls eat?

Oak tree leaves.