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A commerical liability policy.

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Q: What kind of liability insurance does a nurse staffing agency need?
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What is the cost for insurance for a nurse staffing agency?


Are there any nurse staffing firms?

There are no nurse staffing firms exactly but there are nurse staffing agencies. You can find a list of them at

What are some nurse staffing agencies?

There are many nurse staffing agencies. These nurse staffing agencies include, but are not strictly limited to, Maxim, PHS staffing, and Interim Healthcare.

What is important to consider when purchasing liability insurance for nurses?

When purchasing liability insurance for a nurse it is important to know what kind of coverage the doctor has. Many things will fall under his coverage.

What is the best liability insurance for a nurse?

You would want to choose a Medical Malpractice Policy from the company of your choice.

Does your local hospital have a nurse staffing firm?

I don't think so. Nurse staffing firms are usually not located in hospitals, but rather are seperate businesses.

Who is the best traveling nurse company?

There are many worthy traveling nurse companies. Some of these are Medical Solutions, Travel Nurse Across America, Medical Staffing Solutions and Flexcare Medical Staffing.

Will there be a Nurse strike in Pennsylvania october 2009?

They are staffing for this, I am going!

Where online could one find companies that specialize in nurse staffing software?

Hospital jobs online is a great source when looking for companies that specialize in nurse staffing software. Another good place to look is nurse finders.

What can one get from the Nursing Staffing Agencies?

A Nurse Staffing Agency is any firm, person, corporation or partnership in the business of providing and referring nursing personnel to health care companies and agencies for the purpose of rendering temporary nursing services. They can staff professional nurses such as RN's and LPN's.

Where can one find out about nurse staffing oppurtunities?

Nurse staffing opportunities are generally advertised on the individual hospital or clinic's websites. Additionally they are advertised on the NHS jobs website, and may be on recruitment websites that specialise in care provision.

What is my job title if you worked in a temp agency?


Is a prescription from a nurse practicioner sufficient to obtain a service dog?

Laws very from state to state, but in most states, nurse practitioners have full prescriptive authority and 27 (as of 2012) have laws allowing independent nurse practitioner practice. Your best bet is to ask the nurse practitioner, the service dog agency, or your insurance company.

What is the job prospects of a nurse?

Nurses are always in demand. But in the U.S., nurses now have lots of difficulties with short-staffing.

What are some travel nurse companies?

Some travel nurse companies are Medical Staffing Solutions, Medical Solutions, Talemed, Travel Nurse Across America and Sagent Healthstaff. All of these companies are rated to be the best nurse companies for 2013.

What certifications are required to run a nurse staffing firm in the state of Louisiana?

In order to legally run a nurse staffing company in the state of Louisiana, you need to make sure that you have a valid license from the state. In addition, you will need a current BLS certification card as well as certification and training in ACLS, PALS, NRP, or whatever nurse types your business is offering.

Where can one apply for jobs in the legal nurse field?

One can apply for jobs in the legal nurse field by contacting a local nurse agency. Another way would be to contact a nurses recruiting agency that will work with one to find a position.

Where can one find information on nurse staffing agencies?

There are quite a number of various places where one can go to find information on nursing staffing agencies. Some of the best places to find this are the APIHealthCare website and the MedStaffInc website.

Where can one find staffing nurses that travel?

There is a demand for staffing nurses that travel. Cross CountryTravcorps is one group that provides this service. Nursezone is an organization with information about companies that offer traveling nurse services for those interested.

How much money do nurses get a day?

about 38 dollars an hour It all depends on what type of nurse they are. CNA's earn 15 to 22 dollars an hour LVN's earn 24 to 35 dollars an hour RN's earn 40 to 50 dollars an hour This information is accurate. My mother is an RN and owns a nurse staffing agency called SMC Health Resources.

What is the best insurance company to get insurance for nurse staffing agency?

CreditRepair are experts in the credit repair field and helps individuals meet their credit goals. CreditRepair process has been been developed, refined and proven over many years and thousands of customers Click this below Click this below ly/391chPy

does anyone know who else offers CNA classes in or around Decatur Indiana besides R&R Medical Staffing Agency ?

This place is listed as a CNA course offerer in Decatur County: Heritage House of Greensburg Nurse Aide Course, 410 Park Rd., Greensburg, IN 47240

What is malplacement insurance?

"This coverage relates specifically to responsibilities for arranging and qualifying suitable work for eligible healthcare providers. It is a valuable coverage for supervisors and charge nurses. Let's say you are working in a hospital and you are responsible for distributing assignments to the other nurses on the shift. You unknowingly send a nurse into an area of the hospital that she's not really well-trained in. A lawsuit could occur if a claim arises from the nurse's unfamiliarity with the procedures of the area she worked in that evening- this happens all too often. You might be held responsible in the lawsuit because it was your decision to send that nurse to that area. This can also apply in a home health setting- if you are coordinating home visits for a staffing agency, for example, and you inadvertently send a nurse or an aide somewhere where their role exceeds their education and training, you might be held responsible for the consequences." ---NSO malpractice insurance documentation

How to be a nurse in Australia?

If you are a nurse from another country and want to work in Australia, you will need a special Visa. You will then have to register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Is a nurse midwife a good job people tell me the insurance is high and you can lose your job quick which is why its better to be a different kind of nurse?

Thats' true independently providing medical care on your own can be a potential liability nightmare. You can give me a band aid and I can sue yuou and potentially own your house. Work for an organization so you are protected.