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An auto loan is a secured loan. A lien on the car helps the lessen the risk for the lender.

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An auto loan is a loan that's given to someone to enable him/her buy a car while they pay back within a period of time below is my recomendation for best auto loan

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Q: What kind of loan is an auto loan?
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Can you put your minor child on auto loan?

No. They have to be 18, to be on any kind of loan

An auto loan constitutes what kind of debt?

Open debt

Is it easier to get a home or auto loan?

It is easier to get an auto loan than a home loan. No matter which kind of loan your trying to get you should also compare several loan option to make sure you get the best home or auto loan available to you no matter what current financial circumstance you may have.

Are four wheelers under auto loan or personal loan?

Auto Loan

Do auto loan calculators accurately predict auto loan payments?

Auto loan calculators are not reliable. Although they can sometimes predict auto loan payments correctly, they are often inaccurate and can cause issues.

If someone cosigns your auto loan are they responsible for your other debts or only the auto loan?

Just for the auto.

How would you refinance an auto loan?

You can refinance an auto loan at any place you can get an auto loan. It may be best to use an agency in which you have already gotten a loan through before.

Where can I find a quick auto loan?

You may be able to receive an auto loan through a bank or savings. The government may not provide you with an auto loan.

Where can I find an auto loan calculator?

There are several useful auto loan calculators online. The one found at gives you a lot of information/

How do I find a calculator for car loan payments?

If your looking for an auto loan calculator, Bankrate is a great place to start. They provide car loan and auto loan calculators to help with your buying decision.

Where can one find the lowest auto loan?

It would be best to look on some kind of comparison site in order to find the lowest auto loan. Sites like MoneySupermarket will compare the different auto loans currently being offered.

Will a bank help you take out car loans?

Auto Loans - Save time and money with an auto loan from Capital One. Apply for auto loans online in minutes and lock in our competitive auto loan rates.Looking for an auto loan calculator? Bankrate provides car loan and auto loan calculators to help with your buying decision.

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