What kind of loan should be used for a manufactured home on a basement with a score of 572?

It would be a subprime loan, which means it is less than good credit. If you were to purchase the home your interest rate would be much higher than prime credit. It will usually be 2-4 percentage points higher. If your credit score was 750+, your rate may be 6.5% or 7% with something between 550-575, you may get a rate of 9%-12%. At 7% monthly mortgage payment on $100,000 = about $665.30 At 10% monthly mortgage payment on $100,000 = about $877.57. Therefore you could be paying 212.57 more a month for your lower credit score. That would equal $76,417.20 over the life of a 30 year mortgage. Make sure that you raise your credit score as soon as possible and refinance your mortgage as soon as you get a higher credit score. Good luck! Henry