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It would be a subprime loan, which means it is less than good credit. If you were to purchase the home your interest rate would be much higher than prime credit. It will usually be 2-4 percentage points higher. If your credit score was 750+, your rate may be 6.5% or 7% with something between 550-575, you may get a rate of 9%-12%. At 7% monthly mortgage payment on $100,000 = about $665.30 At 10% monthly mortgage payment on $100,000 = about $877.57. Therefore you could be paying 212.57 more a month for your lower credit score. That would equal $76,417.20 over the life of a 30 year mortgage. Make sure that you raise your credit score as soon as possible and refinance your mortgage as soon as you get a higher credit score. Good luck! Henry


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The higher the credit score you have, the better chance of being approved for a home loan. You may still get a home loan on a lower score, but the payments and interest will be higher.

Yes, a person should always try to negotiate a price of a manufactured home. Many times, a person can save thousands just by asking for a discount.

If a borrower defaults on loan payments for a manufactured home in Michigan, the creditor can take the manufactured home. If the manufactured home is real property the repossession and foreclosure is on the manufactured home alone. If the home is being used for residential purposes, the home is repossessed according to personal property laws.

The difference between a double wide and a manufactured home is that the manufactured home is put on a foundation.

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When you are getting a home they like to see your credit score 620 and above to get preapproved for a loan. But in order to get better rates for loans they usually want to see your score in the range of seven hundred. They may be more forgiving if this is your first home purchase.

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