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What is yahoo in gullivers travel?

Yahoos are people that represent man at his most base nature.

What was a colonial farmer?

a colonial man who was a farmer!

What is the name of women farmer?

Man or woman, a farmer is called a farmer.

What is the plural form of gentle man farmer?

gentlemen farmer

What kind of person is suited to become farmer?

A hard working man or woman or child that knows how to take care of animals and crops

What kind of Jobs did Paul Revere have?

He was a silver smith and he was chosen as the safety mail man, which is the person who travels to pass on important messages

A man who looks after sheep?

A shepherd, a farmer.

Who is the human man that Raditz killed?

a farmer

Mark Farmer the con man?

Mark Farmer is nothing but a con man. Ripped a bunch of people off with his natural inground pool business. He has done this in the past, and i would like to hear from anybody that has been ripped off by Mark Farmer

Is old McDonald the farmer real?

no it is just a man in a poem

Which man was a peanut farmer from Georgia?

President Jimmy Carter

Describes the American new man?

Letters from an American Farmer

What is nomadic herdsmen?

A man that travels with a herd of cattle

Why is one man holding a scythe in the state of Maine seal?

He is a farmer.

What was the role of a man Phoenician?

Father, farmer, trader, sailor, soldier.

What do you call a man who looks after cows?

A rancher ... In Ireland, it's a farmer.

Who is aidan foley?

He is a man that travels, ya probably met him

Who was the man that wrote a story about Marco Polo's travels?


Who wrote the journey is as wide as it is long?

A man who travels in circles.

Was there a man name Charlie Farmer a astronaut?

No, Charlie Farmer is the main character in the film 'The Astronaut Farmer', apparently he is supposedly based on the real life astronaut, Alan Shepard, but I think this is just a play on words, Farmer, Shepard. See the link below.

Why was Jimmy Carter called the peanut man?

Jimmy Carter was called the peanut man because he was a peanut farmer.

Who owned the northwest territory's land?

Common day man,farmer, and families.

Who is the man who was a peanut farmer before he became a president?

President Jimmy Carter .

Who is Aha'Adam?

he is the man adam ,gods husbanman or farmer . The eighth day creation .

Anyone know an old reggae song that goes I need a man I need a man I need a man what kind of man what kind of man what kind of man?

I Need A Man - Macka Diamond & Lady Vide