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The mattress is by Spring Air, called Suite Excellence and says made expressly for our guests comfort - so appears to be custom made. I know this because we stayed in a Go room for over a week and loved it so much I took a photo of the tag to see if we could track one down here in Aust.

I recently stayed at the Grand Biloxi in Biloxi, MS, and also had a wonderful mattress. The tag also said "Spring Air" and "Suite Excellence". I, too, would LOVE to find out where to buy one of these. Best mattress I have EVER slept on, and I'm 61 years old! I sure hope someone can tell me where I can buy one!

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โˆ™ 2012-07-24 01:14:15
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Q: What kind of mattress is used in Go rooms at Flamingo LV?
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