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White Tigers are not a separate species. There are no wild white tigers. There has only ever been one wild White Tiger. It was captured and bred to normal tigers and bred back to produce more white tigers. All white tigers live in captivity and they are all descendants of that one white tiger. He was a Bengal Tiger. Bengal Tigers eat Cows, Oxen, Guar, Deer, Bear, as well as small animals and pets.

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Q: What kind of meat do White Tigers eat?
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What kind of meat do white tigers not eat?

Tiger meat.

Do white tigers eat snakes?

White tigers eats meat and meat from animals and animals.

What do white tigers eat in captivity?

white tigers eat meat, so they will eat what ever they get from the people that feed them

What meat does the white tigers eat?

tigers eat alot of meat like animals for example they eat lions,monkeys,zebras

Is white tigers herbivore?

NO!!!!!!!!!! White Bengal tigers only eat meat! They are carnivores!!!

What type of food does white tigers eat?

they eat meat!

What is the White Tigers food chain?

they eat other animalsThe white tigers food chain is raw meat and other kinds of meat The white tigers food chain is raw meat and other kinds of meat

Are white tigers carnivorous?

yes as they eat meat

Do white tigers eat plants and meat?


What kind of fooddo tiger s eat?

Tigers eat meat.

Do vegaterians eat white meat?

No, they do not eat ANY kind of meat

What kind of vegetarian are you if you only eat white meat?

You are not a vegetarianif you eat any kind of meat.

Food chain for white tigers?

Tigers are secondary level consumers they eat raw meat and other kinds of meat

What are facts about white tigers diet?

In the wild, white tigers eat deer, wild pigs, and wild cattle. In captivity, they eat fresh meat.

When do white tigers normally eat?

They are carnivores. So they eat any animal that is made of meat such as other orange or white tigers, rabbits, or birds.

How often should white tigers be fed?

Tigers eat 65 pounds of meat a day.

Do white tigers eat plants?

Not to any important amount. Tigers are what's called "obligate carnivores". they have to eat meat.

What kind of meat can you eat on a gluten diet?

The answer is white meat.

What kind of food did saber-toothed tigers eat?


What do Siberian tigers eat?

Siberian Tigers eat deer, wild boar, and lynx. and meatTigers in general eat meat seeing as they are carnivores. Their diet can consist of cows, buffalo, fish, antelope, and around any other kind of meat.the same

What do sibarian tigers eat?

Sibarian tigers eat meat including meat

What kind of food does a Bengal tiger eat?

Tigers eat only meat. They eat the animals that they can catch.

Are white tigers carnivores or herbivores?

Herbivores only eat plants!!!! When was the last time you saw a tiger munching on a bush??? Carnivores only eat meat!! Tigers only eat meat!! therefore a tiger is a carnivore!!!

What do tigers like to eat?

meat meat and meat

Do tigers eat meat and plants?

Tigers mainly eat meat, but in order to get more fiber in their diet they will eat plants. :)