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chrome is not a metal.

chrome is actually a coating put on metal thru a sequence of dipping in different chemicals. chrome can be added to several different metals including brass and galvanized iron

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What is valley of chrome?

Valley of Chrome is a metal band .

What does chrome mean?

chrome is a shiny chromium plated metal

What is brittle metal?


Is the metal chrome shiny?

It is actually chromium (chrome for short) and yes, it is shiny.

What is shiny metal plating?


What does CHROME stand for?

a type of metal

Can chrome be recycled?

Any metal can be recycled.

Is chrome plating better than solid chrome for rims?

Chrome plating is better than solid chrome for rims, because chrome is a very soft metal. Solid chrome rims are too soft to be used.

What kind of noun is metal?

The noun 'metal' is a common, concrete noun. The noun metal is an uncountable noun for the substance; a count noun for 'types of' metals. Examples: She sure are wearing a lot of metal. The metals steel and chrome predominated her attire.

What kind of metal is the blade on a figure skate?

The skate blades are typically made of tempered carbon steel, coated with a high-quality chrome.

Where can i get Hard Chrome Plating done?

You should search for a metal finisher near you. The term generally used by metal finishers is Industrial Hard Chrome. A google maps search for that term should return all the metal finishers near you who will give you a hard chrome finish.

What metal puts the shine on your car bumper?


This metal puts the shine on your car bumper?


What metal puts the shine on a car bumper?


This metal puts the shine in your car bumper?


When isolated it is a hard brittle white metal?


What is the metal that makes your car bumper shine?


Does chrome molybdenum steel rust?

It shouldn't, but it really depends on the amount of chrome and molybdenum in the metal. It also depends on how much moisture it is exposed to. I have a knife made out of chrome-moly and it does oxidise, but it is not destructive to the metal, it is athetic only.(It turns black.)

Can you boil chrome in hot water?

Absolutely chrome is a very hard and resiliant metal and will not rust. Bicycles used to have many chrome parts and would rarely rust

Does the Double Crescent Shower Curtain Rod come in more than one kind of metal?

Double Crescent Shower Curtain Rod's can be made of multiple types of metal, including stainless steel and chrome.

What type of material is the Eastern Star Chrome Metal Auto Emblem made of.You can plate plastic too.?

The Eastern Chrome Emblem is made of chrome, but will have to be cleaned often.

What are the metal objects on the back of the car that say what brand it is?

Emblems? plastic or pot metal chrome plated?

When isolated it's hard brittle grayish white metal?


Can you see yourself in shiny metal?

Yeah. A mirror, chrome, etc.

Is there a metal choice other than copper for pipes?

you can get them with a chrome finish.