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Hitler had a highly modern military. It had several relatively recent military inovations, including advanced tanks, aircraft, and then revolutionary rockets.

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Q: What kind of military did Hitler have during World War 2?
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Which gas was invented during World War 2 by Hitler?

I don't think Hitler invented any kind of gas. I might be wrong so don't rely on my answer.

What kind of methods of battle did Hitler use during World War 2?

Blitzkrieg, the assault on massive amounts of lands

During the time of Adolf Hitler in Germany what kind of government did they have?

A dictatorship

What kind of government did Italy have during the World War 2?

Italy had a military government under dictator Benito Mussolini

During the time of Adolf Hitler in Germany what kind of government did Germany have?

A fascist dictatorship

What kind of leader was the Czar in World War I?

The Russian Czar was a poor leader during World War 1. He had no military experience and was unable to relate to the people or to the troops when he reviewed them.

Are Nazis bad guys?

Kind of.... If it wasn't for Hitler there wouldn't be a World War II....

What kind of sickness did Hitler have?

Hitler had Parkinsons.

What kind of military technology was used in world war 1?

weapon technology

What is the legacy of World War II?

it will always be known to man kind that adolf Hitler was a man of violence

What kind of pill did Hitler take the day he died?

is that how hitler died?

What kind of of government was Adolf Hitler and what does it mean?

Adolf hitler wasn't a government!! But his goverment was a military rule or dictatory form?? this means that he was the sole person who had all the rights and no one could oppose his rule. Just the opposite of democracy.. Hope you understand..

What kind of car did Hitler have?


What kind of government did Hitler had?

the nazi

What kind of leader was Hitler?


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what kind of "credit" ??? You have to serve in the military to get any kind of credit.

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You mean military allies? It depends on the specific situation, but it is very unlikely. The only time when Mexico and the US had such kind of alliance was during World War Two.

Which exercises the soldiers did during World War 2?

they did every kind of exercises they did every kind of exercises

What kind of government did US have during world what 2?

Democratic Republic.

What kind of music did they play during the World War I?

music was not around then

What kind of government did Finland have during World War 2?

A republic

Did the great depression start the World War 2?

kind of. Hitler promised a new government, a stronger one, and then invaded Poland

What kind of gun did Hitler have?

Mostlikely a Walther.

What kind of government did Hitler have?

Germany was socialist

What kind of dog did Hitler have?

German Shepherd.