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Water can exist in all 3 states, liquid, solid and gas. At room temperature, water is liquid. When it is below zero degrees celsius, it becomes ice, a solid. When it is above 100 degrees celsius, it becomes steam, a gas.

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Do all kind of matter exist in three states?


Are all matter made up of a mixture of elements and compounds?

Yes, all matter.

What substance can exist in all states of matter?

water can exist in all states of matter

How are the three states of matter similar?

they all are the three states of matter and they all have mass.

What is a characteristic all 3 states of matter share?

They are states of matter.

Which form of matter can take all states of matter?

Any gas, liquid or solid can exist in all states of matter.

Is a mixture a solution?

Not necessarily. A solution is a kind of mixture but not all mixtures are solutions.

What kind of Mixture is Hydrogen Peroxide?

It is not a mixture at all. H2O2 is a (pure) compound

Can a mixture exist in all three states of matter?

For substances, the temperature and pressure at which all three states of matter exist in thermodynamic equilibrium is called the triple point. However, a mixture would have two or more different substances with different melting and boiling points, meaning the triple point of each would be different. See related link below for more information.

What is the similiarity between an element compound and mixture?

They are all about matter

Scientist classify all matter into substance and compound?


Can matter exist in all 3 states?

Well everything has matter therefore, it is possible for it to be in all 3 states

Is matter an element compound or mixture?

Matter is the general name given to any material or substance on Earth. Usually we read statements like: "All matter is made up of atoms". Another statement in science texts is: "Matter is anything with mass".So water is matter, air is matter, oxygen is matter. They all have mass.Water is a compound, air is a mixture and oxygen is an element.Matter can be an element, or a compound, or a mixture.

Which states of matter has a charge?

All the states of matter have charge. Solid, liquid and gas all have charges of positive or negative.

What is matter and states of matter?

Matter is a general term for the substance of which all physical objectsStates of matterliguidsolidgasplasma

What do all states of matter require?

they require a substance to use to make the 3 states of matter with.

Name the substance that can be found in all three states of matter?

substance that exist in all three states of matter at normal temperature

The kinetic molecular theory states that all particles of matter are?

The kinetic molecular theory states that all particles of matter are in motion.

Is water the only substance that exists in all three states of matter?

No, many substances exists in all three states of matter.

Is soil substance or mixture?

Additional answer No, it's both. A mixture is a substance, and so is an element a substance. All matter is a substance whether it's a mixture or not.

What kind of objects have gravity?

All matter has a gravitational attraction to all other matter.

Is water a heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture?

well... first of all.... water is not a mixture...... and if it is a mixture..... it would be homogenous..... becuase there is only one phase of matter seen....... :)

What are the four states of matter and properties they all share?

Well the four states of matter are: Liquid, Solid, Gas and Plasma (the first 3 states are the main ones) and they all occupy space, they can all have colours and obviously they're all matter, in different forms.

Which states of matter are compressible?

All states of matter can be compressed. Gases can be compressed the most followed by liquids then solids.

Give examples of all the states of matter?

there are five states of matter and there are :plasma,gas,solid,liquid,mass