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Best Buy offers many model cell phones! For example, they offer Verizon phones and T-Mobile phones. They also offer many different kinds of smartphones like the HTC and iPhone.

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Where can I find phones for sale that are used?

There are many retailers that offer cell phones. Best Buy and Walmart are two of the local stores that offer cell phones at a good price. Used phones can be found at Gamestop or Recellular.

What is the best cell phone store around ?

The best cell phone store around is probably verizon i am not sure if they fix phones but they offer good deals and service for the cell phones that they do provide

What model of Samsung Cell Phones is Best?

The newest model of the Samsung Phones would be the Samsung Droid Charge. It has a lot of cool features.

What companies offer no credit check cell phones?

There are a number of companies that offer no credit check cell phones. The most popular of these is Verizon. This is because it has the widest ranger and also the best coverage.

Where to buy the latest cell phones?

You can buy the latest cell phones at your carriers website. They offer the newest and most up to date cell phones that they offer for your plan. Some also offer discounts.

Is ebay the best place to go for an unlock cell phones?

There are other options such as craigslist.org or amazon.com which may offer you competitve prices for unlocked cell phones.

Where can one find cell phones for sale in Dallas?

Nationwide phone companies like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint all offer cell phones for sale and probably have locations in Dallas. Also, if there's a Walmart or Best Buy in Dallas, they offer cell phones as well.

Does Boost offer all of the cell phones available?

No, Boost does not offer all the bigger cell phones. However, they do offer a lot at a cheap price.

Are there cell phones especially designed for seniors?

There are cell phones for seniors. Most seniors prefer cell phones with limited options. The best cell phones for senior citizens can be found at www.consumersearch.com/cell-phones/best-senior-cell-phones.

Does Verizon have the best prices on cell phones?

Yes they do and they also have the best cell phones out there. They also have a two year contract and when your contract is almost up they will offer you a bunch of free phones to keep you as a paying customer. It is a great deal because you still get to keep the phones.

What type of cell phones does cingular offer?

"Cingular (now AT&T) has several types of cell phones to offer you. Flip Phones, PDA / Smartphones USB, Modems, Bar Phones, Slider Phones, and Refurbished phones too."

What online cell phone stores offer the best and latest line of cell phones?

The best place would be is to look at Amazon for a great deal.

What cell phone companies offer tracking devices in their cell phones?

Most cell phone companies offer tracking devices in their cell phones. These are newer phones that come with GPS. This includes T-mobile, Sprint, etc.

What is meant by best cell phone plans and deals?

Best cell phones and cell phone plans are those that offer you more for your money. These plans usually offer unlimited packages at low costs as well as family plans.

best cell phones 2011?

The best cell phones offer a wide range of features, are cost effective, and are easy to use. Finding the best cell phones 2011 means really doing some heavy research. This is a chance to see what is out there. Thus, one should research phones online, read reviews, and even try them out in stores. This is the best way to figure out which phone options are best.

What phone carriers offer no contract cell phones?

There are some cell phones that do not require signing up for a contract. A pay as you go option would be best for you. These are available from most providers.

What cell services offer nokia mobile phones?

Most cellular providers offer Nokia mobile phones, however depending on the model you want it may be exclusive to a certain carrier. For some examples of current Nokia phones you can visit their website at www.nokia.com

What is the best site for cell phone reviews?

This website, http://reviews.cnet.com/best-cell-phones/, would be the best website to review cell phones including cell phone specs. They even break down into the best smartphones, best camera phones, best basic phones, and so on.

Does any company offer cell phone coupons?

Most of the major cell phone companies do not offer coupons on their cell phones. They do however have special deals for people who get their phones online.

Companies offering discount cell phone plans?

The best time of the year to get a discount for cell phones is the holiday season. All companies are currently offering discounts on last years model cell phones.

Where are the best deals for senior phones?

You can find more information about the best deal for senior phones at www.consumersearch.com/cell-phones/best-senior-cell-phones. It should let you know which phone is best.

Where can I find info on the best phones for kids?

A great source for cell phones on kids is consumersearch.com. Go to Home > Electronics > Cell Phones > Best Kids Cell Phones. It has a great comparison of several phones and carriers.

Where can a online buyer purchase cool cell phones in Australia?

Being an online buyer opens up many avenues for purchasing cool cell phones. Online vendors such as Amazon, Ebay, and Best Buy offer cool cell phones that can be shipped to Australia.

What features do LG cell phones include?

When looking for models and differences in these models I would check out infibeam.com, they offer great advice on cell phones. Ranging from regular cell phones to LG phones.

Where can one purchase white mobile phones?

There are many cell phone companies that offer mobile phones in a variety of colors and styles. One can also purchase a cell phone cover if a white phone model is not readily available.

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