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What kind of molecule is CH3COONa?

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It is the formula for the chemical compound Sodium Ethanoate (the chemical name). It's called Sodium Acetate in everyday terms.

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They are chemical compounds

ITS: CH3COONa --> CH3COO- + Na+ Or if its CH3COONa . 3H2O --> CH3COONa + 3H2O

CH3COONa +H2O ------> CH3COO- (aq) +Na+ (aq) + H2O

The type of molecule that is an enzyme is a protein molecule.

A polymer molecule is a macromolecule.

It is sodium acetate anhydrous.

Enzyme is a kind of complex protein molecule.

What kind of molecule forms a bilayer that is the basis of all cellular membranes? What kind of molecule forms a bilayer that is the basis of all cellular membranes?

The molecule produced after translation of RNA is protein.

A water molecule is a type of polar molecule. It has two oxygen and hydrogen dipoles that do not cancel out one another.

An organic molecule. C6H12O6, glucose ( a carbohydrate ) is an example of a carbon containing organic molecule.

A hydrogen molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms.

A polar solvent. Like dissolves like.

It is usually written NaC2H3O2 and is Sodium Acetate.

Neither. Sodium acetate is a salt.

The net ionic equation for naoh plus ch3cooh to ch3coona is as follows: CH3COOH + OH- ==> CH3COO- + H2O

There is no reaction between them: They only 'could exchange' the H+ and Na+ ions but the products are identical to the reactants.CH3COOH + CH3COONa --> CH3COONa + CH3COOH

CH3COONa plus H2O plus CO2 has 5 Hydrogen, 3 carbon, 5 oxygen, and 1 Sodium

WITHIN the molecule: covalent bonding. OUTSIDE the molecule: hydrogen bonding, mainly.

There is no such thing. A positive molecule will only be attracted to a negative molecule.

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