Sierra Nevada

What kind of mountain range is the Sierra Nevada?


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What type of mountains are predominant in the Sierra Nevada range

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it is a tall mountain! hehe lol

Mountains resulting from activity by the Ring of Fire. In Mexico and Central America they are known as the Sierra Madremountain range; in South America they are known as the Andesmountain range.

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convergent boundary: two continental plates collide, forming a mountain range.

Either a hills or a mature (well eroded, old) mountain range.

Mountains, specifically the Himalayan mountain range which are the tallest in the world.

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It depends on altitude above sea level, but along the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, most are pine and oak forests.

The Himalayas mountain range was created when the Indian plate crashed into the European plate. The softer Indian plate was pushed under (a process known as subduction), lifting and forming the Himalayas (which is still growing).

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They are the fold mountain, the fault mountain, the dome mountain, and the volcanic mountain.

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