Cole and Dylan Sprouse

What kind of muisc does Cole Sprouse like?

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skating acting baseball (girls) that kind of stuff

someone who only cares about themselves

I Think He Likes Rock Or Pop Mabey

I know of a Dylan Sprouse and a Cole Sprouse, but I don't know of any "Dylan Cole".

Cole and Dylan sprouse do have facebook accounts but they would like to keep them private

Yes Dylan and Cole like Scotland!

hey i would like to know if cole sprouse knows destiny hopes (Miley Cyrus) because im her biggest fan and i would like to be friends with her and cole and Dylan sprouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANSWER: Cole Sprouse has a girlfriend named Hannah.

Cause cole sprouse looks like hwoarang with a vest and with motorcycle goggles

I'm Cole Sprouse and I find that to be a very personal question that I will not answer on the internet. Ask me in person.

Cole Sprouse does like Selena Gomez, but only as friend!

He likes baseball and basketball.

He does probably, but whoever that girl is, she sure is lucky to be liked by cole sprouse. I know lucky girl from lovelovecole

she likes cole sprouse now . she has a crush on him (cole sprouse is from the suite life on deck from disney channel)

She is older than them.I know that because Dylan and Cole Sprouse are like 15 or 16, maybe lower and Miley is like 19 or 18!

i like cole sprouse and i am trying to get on Disney channel and i am exacly like him i am in the 6th grade my name is Gabriella a a i live in Texas so i really hope to be with him

I dont really know if they do or not. But i would like to ask them in person.

yes basketball and snowboarding

yes they kiss once they love echother just go to Google and type cole sprouse and Miley Cyrus kissing.

Cole Sprouse is an actor that is known for his role as Zack on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Cole states that he loves all his fans, even those who gay.

Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse like girls who don't wear alot of makeup. They also like girls that are laid back not to bossy!If you like them and you dont have these qualities,then don't change stay who you are!!=DCole Sprouse likes a girl with braces apparently. Dylan Sprouse likes a girl with a clean face(no acne or make up) Cole is okay with a little bit of acne but Dylan really likes a clean face, and someone who isn't self contentious. They said so in a video on youtube.Source: doesn't matter if your not the kind of Dylan and Cole's dream date. The love at first site can change everything :)

dose Dylan and cole sprouse like girls in there 13 and 14s

well yes i do like Michael Jackson!

cole sprouse got on Disney channel because Disney made a show about his and his twin brother Dylan sprouse called the suite life of Zack and Cody then the sequal the suite life on deck. basicly Disney thought Dylan and cole sprouse looked like they should be part of Disney.

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