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Simple and Clean is in Kingdom Hearts I. Simple and Clean has a techno beat to it.

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Yes, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is kind of like a second Kingdom Hearts 2, but there are some differences in the storyline.

Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing game. Kingdom Hearts is developed and published by Square, and the game is apart of Disney Interactive Studios.

What kind of question is that? yes you can play kingdom hearts its a video game! And if you're if I can personally play it then yes I can...

In my opinion? Assassins creed. I loved Kingdom hearts, but the plot seemed lacking (to me) and the disney characters kind of bugged me.

no, but they should totally make one!

Kind of hard to say, because that is completely optional on both Kindom Hearts games.

you dont kill them be nice and kind to them

This normally means that he likes you, or that you are one of a kind. are you ralking about kingdom hearts?

unfortunately, no unless you have some kind of Action replay.

Japanese phones. the game was only released in japan

Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role playing or hack and slash games. It consists of seven games on multiple platforms. The first game was released in Japan for the PS2 in 2002.

They listen to a lot of American music, and also some Brit-pop.

Goofy Goober theme song and rock version

I believe you need some kind of code to enter them and get the out fits. I believe that theres Squall, Cloud, and Sephiroth's KIngdom Hearts outfit, and there's also an extra one for Tifa.

There are different forms for Xion in kingdom hearts 358/2 days. You do different things to beat each of them. there are 4 in all. Be sure you carry some cure's or cura's or some kind of device that cure's you.

The heartless thing is a kind of guardian that protects him during battle.

Kind of. Kingdom Hearts u have all ur characters around Sora and on Final Fantasy, they are al with Cloud but u jus cant see them. When u meet a enemy in Final Fantasy it goes PSHHHHH and u go into battlemode but in Kingdom Hearts u just fight as u go and u can ignore them if u want to

Lifehouse sings alternative rock music. Many of their songs have a Christian theme, but they are not classified as a Christian band.

could only be done with a gameshark, codebreaker, ect. also a technique kind of like that can be found on click playstation 2 on the sidebar, click the cheatcodes box, click k, click kingdom hearts, then scroll till you find it

Probably not. Having a game in the main storyline for a portable system would be kind of breaking tradition

No. KH is only on Sony systems. A Wii KH game would seem kind of out of place

I think it is just music there is probaly no words to it, but it should be like that or it would be kind of corny.

Disney is in many different business groups. They are in the music, movie, TV, radio, and theme park!

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