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Swing, jazz and romantic ballads were the most popular forms of music in the United States. Michael Montagne

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Q: What kind of music was popular during World War 2?
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music was not around then

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Recently, Western music has become popular in Pakistan (as well as all over the world). Religious and traditional music is also popular in Pakistan.

What kind of music was popular during the Korean war in Korea?

The music of the 1940's (WW2) was still popular with US Forces. The Korean War took place from 1950-1953.

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All the existing musical styles were still popular during the 70's, including soul, funk, jazz and rock. However disco music first became popular during the 70's.

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What kind of music was there during world war 2?

Swing, they also had that twist stuff.

What kind of music do the Chinese listen to?

Chinese popular music, American music, Korean music,

What kind of music was popular with latin Americans in the us in the 70s?

The kind of music that was most popular in latin America was music played with the trumpit from buck

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There were many genres of music which were popular in the 1970's. The most popular types of music in the 1970's were the famous genres of disco and funk.

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Kind of.

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Jazz music

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What kind of art and music odes the Hopi

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During the civil war a sad song always be heard as a new way to include the recent development of the ancient times and it can be adjusted to the wrong done.

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