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23.67 ozs and I use Spectro Clutch Saver 10W 40

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โˆ™ 2008-02-09 20:22:41
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Q: What kind of oil do you put in the crank case of a 2000 Yamaha blaster?
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1997 Yamaha Blaster type of oil for crank case?

the oil is called type F it was originaly made for ford motors but most people put it in the blaster

Why does your Yamaha Blaster loose transmission fluid?

Ive ran into this problem. It could be one of two problems, but what i have that it could be a bad crank seal or there is a crack in the case. First check the crank seal if it is good then you need to split the case and find the crack. JB Weld will fix it right up.

How much oil goes in a Yamaha yz 250 crank case?


How do you check the gear oil level on a 1994 Yamaha yz250?

right side crank case

Got a 1978 Yamaha IT400 what is the correct crank case oil level?

1200 cc

Where is the oil dip stick on a Yamaha XVS650 motorcycle?

There is no dipstick. There is a sight gauge on the bottom left side of the crank case. There is no dipstick. There is a sight gauge on the bottom left side of the crank case.

Why is your 2001 Yamaha blaster leaking tranny fluid?

Because you have a seal that needs replaced. Some where on case causing it to leak gear lube.

How do you find the engine number on a 1995 Yamaha fzr 600 motorcycle?

On a thin plate next to the crank case.

Hole in crank case of blaster?

I want to elaborate this hole is below the crank, the crank chamber does not hold pressure and does not hold oil. so can i put a weld patch over it and call it done?well if there is a hole in it can it really hurt to try it?

What kind of oil do you put in the crank case of a Yamaha PW 80?

PW 80 is a 2 stroke. It does not have oil in the crank case. I think you mean transmission oil. I use 10w40 engine oil in mine and it works great.

HOW MUCH oil do you put in the crank case of a 2002 Yamaha blaster?

Easy way to check if the level is correct is to remove filler cap take your pinky finger stick it in the oil filler hole to the first knuckle. remove finger the very tip of your finger should have oil on it. If not add alittle.

How do I take the crank out of a Yamaha Blaster?

Don't attempt this yourself!! Bring the bottom end to a professional because the crank case must be split in order to remove the crank. When installing the new one, be sure to use brand new high quality crank bearings, and spend the extra money for a performance crank shaft. If the new shaft has a longer stroke then the stock shaft, don't forget to have your cylinder head machined for the extra clearance, otherwise you will do some serious damage when you start it up. Hope this helped. Keep the rubber side down!

What is the oil fuel ratio for 1992 Yamaha blaster?

The ratio should be 40:1 unless you have installed aftermarket domes, in which case the ratio would be 32:1.

Where is the oil tank located on the 1990 Yamaha VMax motorcycle?

there is no oil tank on a Vmax motorcycle. The only oil is in the crank case, and the shaft drive.

Where is the crankcase sensor located on a 2003 pt cruiser turbo?

It does not have a crank case sensor.It does not have a crank case sensor.

How much crank case oil in 2000 s10 six cylinder?

5 QTS. with new filter.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 2000 gmc jimmy 4 wheel drive?

crank case of transmission

What oil weight for 2005 Yamaha blaster 200?

My son has a 2005 Blaster set up for racing. We usesynthetic gear case oil. That's how its labled on the quart bottle on oil weight on it. Dont use regular car motor oil because it does not lub clutch correctly.

What kind of oil do you put in the crank case of a Yamaha banshee?

Yamalube 2 stroke gear oil 10w - 40 wt available at your dealer or online

Where is my crank case ventilator hose?

on top of the crank case towards the outside , it vents into the carb by vacume.

What does it mean when the kick start on your 1990 Yamaha blaster wont move?

Either your transmission is in gear or locked up, kick starter assembly has become dislodged in the case, your clutch is incredibly out of whack, or your engine is locked up.

2004 Yamaha Blaster and it burning trans gear oil you were told to replace the crankshaft seal so that's what you did but its still doing it can anyone tell you whats going on THANKS?

there is a wall between your trans part and your bottom end where ur crank is. If it is not leaking out of the outer case, then i dont know because it wont be getting past the wall unless it has a hole in the wall... and u will know if that has happened.

How do you change the crank case ventilation valve on a BMW 740il?

replaced crank case valve location at valve cover

What is meant by crank case ventillation?

as the pistons go up and down, and the temperature changes the air in a crank case has to go somewhere. that is what the vent is for

What is a Yamaha blaster?

The Yamaha Blaster. is an all-terrain vehicle that was intended for beginner level riders. This is known as the most available bike for "pop up" performance parts due to its cheap new price. A Vitos ported block gives you 40 hp and there are many parts to make this into a racing machine. Stock it should go about (55 mph) which is relatively slow but with parts will fly. The only downside is the terrible tires and rims for racing, trail riding and jumps. It does not have oil reservoir on the shocks and shocks must be upgraded for jumps. It does tho have a snappy little motor being able to pull wheelies. It is snappier then any other sport 4 wheeler on the market. The blaster is the little brother to the banshee The blaster engine was originaly designed from the bases of a dirt bike motor that is why there is a random pluged hole on the side of the crank case cover that was for a coolant system so you could possibly make it water cooled by using the bike cylinder and head.