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The manufacturer recommends using a 5w-30 oil in this engine for the most part. The exception is for synthetic oil, in which case you could use 10w-30.

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Who is the manufacturer of craftsman riding lawn mower?

which 42" Craftsman riding mower is made by Huskvarna

Where is the coil on a Briggs and stratton engine on a tractor mower?

The coil is under the cowling on top of the motor where the flywheel is.

What type of transmission oil does a craftsman riding lawn mower with a 18.5 Briggs and stratton engine take?

it takes 20w50 motor oil

What weight motor oil should you use in your craftsman riding mower?

If it has a Briggs and Stratton engine you need SAE30. If it is a Kohler it uses 10W30.

What will cause a Sears craftsman riding mower with a 20 HP Briggs and Stratton motor not prime?

loose line,[sucking air] hole in primer button, no gas,

How many cc in a 6.75 Briggs and Stratton motor?


What is oil capacity for 17hp briggs and stratton motor?


What oil filter do you use on your Briggs and Stratton 15 HP OHV garden tractor motor?

Good question! I don't find any oil filter or mount for one on my Briggs 15 horse OHV

What size spark plug fits a Briggs and stratton 3.75 hp motor?

what plug size fits a 3.75 briggs and stratton,and a 19.5 briggs engine and what is the gap. thank you

Who manufactures Craftsman snowblower engines?

just bought a craftsman snow blower yesterday. 3 manufacturers, MTD, Briggs and Stratton and Husqvarna. was told MTD 357cc was chinese can`t even find a torque # for it, Briggs and Stratton 305cc and 342cc made in USA, they had no Husqvarna so i don`t know about motors. was told Briggs and Stratton were not only making the motors but the whole machine, on the Pro series i bought which has the Briggs motor, if you look on the chassis it says built in the USA. This information i was told at a Sears store. hope its correct.

What is the name of a Briggs and stratton lawn mower model 096722?

It is a 2-cycle 4HP Briggs motor.

What grade motor oil for a Briggs and stratton 15 horse?


How many hp is 1350 Briggs and stratton motor on a snowblower?


What type of oil does a 17.5 horsepower Briggs and stratton use?

A Briggs and Stratton 17.5 horsepower engine can use any type of small engine motor oil. A heavy duty motor oil is recommended.

What is the gas ratio for a 3.5 Briggs and straton?

For a Briggs and Stratton motor 3.5 motor used straight gas and oil in the crank-case, there is no ratio.

Will a crank shaft on a 12.5 hp Briggs and stratton fit in a 11 hp Briggs and Stratton?

Yes! The motor says its 12.5 hp but that's b.s it's the exact same thing as an 11hp Briggs and Stratton, cept they have a different style carb

Where can you find a Sears manual for a 20 HP Briggs and Stratton motor?


Type of motor in a John Deere 111?

briggs and stratton 11 horsepower

What is the conversion for a 205 cc to hp in a Briggs and Stratton motor snowblower?


What size spark plug fits a Briggs and stratton 6.5hp motor?

official site for Briggs and Stratton Spark Plugs is: The proper spark plug will depend on the type of 6.5 HP motor that you have. Briggs and Stratton made several different ones and the best way to get the proper plug will be to call an authorized Briggs and Stratton repair shop with the mower make and model numbers.

How many cc's does a stock 6.5 horsepower Briggs and stratton motor have?

155 cc

Can the silinoid effect the starter on a Briggs and Stratton motor?

Absolutely! It is what tells the stater when to crank.

WHO MADE spirit snow thrower?

Murray makes it, Briggs and Stratton makes the motor

Where can i find Performance parts for a Briggs and stratton 5 hp motor?

Gecker Motorsports Webstore

What motor is in 1982 daihatsu scat?

I think they put a 8 horse Briggs and stratton in 'em.

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